Topshop Trials Virtual Fitting Room in Moscow

International retailer Topshop are giving consumers in Moscow a taste of shopping 2.0, with the introduction of a ‘virtual fitting room’.

Developed by Russian agency, AR Door, the fitting room recognises that a shopper is ready to try on a garment through a Microsoft Kinect motion sensor, then via a built-in camera, their image is displayed on a large screen and a 3D image of the garment they are ‘trying’ is superimposed onto their frame. In a world first, the fitting room includes a unique feature that allows shoppers to view themselves in the garments from both the front and the back! The Kinect sensor also allows shoppers to to control the program and switch between garments by using simple gestures pushing virtual buttons in the air.

Reports about the fitting room have been met with criticism, with Ubergizmo reporting that, ‘Clothes still look badly “photoshopped” on the customers and don’t fit their bodies accordingly. Alignment can go off at times, and they seem to be using one size for everything,’ and Mashable commenting, ‘Like virtual fitting rooms on the web and in mobile apps, the 3D fitting is awkward at best.’

Although not perfected, this definitely is just a taste of the melding of technology within both the off and online channels, to create an enhanced retail experience.

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