Toys R Us Gets Serious About E-Commerce

As more and more shoppers are becoming avid online shoppers, and are increasingly browsing online, only to go in-store to seal the deal, Toys R Us announced this week it has been busy working on revamping its online store to woo customers that it’s losing to Amazon and other retail rivals.

As part of a US $100 million investment, the toy giant will debut its new online store to only a few users initially, with a full roll-out expected in early July.

Over the past three years, Toys R Us have been busy working on its new e-commerce platform and refining its online customer experience, which it admits it’s currently lagging behind. Toys R Us is currently in the process of playing catch up on over 10 years of innovation and technology.

Its new website has a sleeker look, incorporating larger images that fit screen width, large text as well as more filter options. Instead of clicking through choices, consumers can now click on categories like “cars’ or “dolls” and be taken to a fine-tuned list of choices. Toys R Us has also reduced the number of clicks to checkout from five down to two.

Leading the project is Lance Wills, who joined the company as its first-ever chief technology officer in May 2016. Wills says one the goals of the new website is to bridge online with the retailers’ stores and use it as a “vehicle” to drive customers back into the store.

Toys R Us have also invested in updating its Babies R Us online store, which includes baby registry, enabling easier registry setup for parents, as well as easier registry management. For example, as soon as a mum logs in, she is now able to see how many items have been purchased off her registry, and how many are still left, as well as see alerts if an item is out of stock or discontinued, with the option to replace it.

Retailers of all sorts are vying to compete with e-commerce powerhouse Amazon, however, some chains like Toys R Us, Target (US) and Walmart are working on proving to be fierce competition.

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