Using eBay as a Source of New Customers

According to eBay, nearly 7 million Australians visit the virtual marketplace each month, making it Australia’s largest ecommerce site.

“That’s a substantial marketplace with considerable potential for sourcing new customers,” says Ryan Murtagh, Director of Neto E-commerce Solutions.

Recent fee changes for business sellers has made eBay a more attractive option for online retailers. Businesses are now able to calculate their expected return on investment upfront and factor this into their pricing policy prior to listing.

Murtagh has a few tips on how retailers can convert eBay shoppers into new customers:

Get your products featured on eBay’s Big Deal platform and watch the new customers come to you.  eBay advertises your product deals to their subscriber database for you. To be featured on Big Deal you need to offer a really great deal – discounted price, free shipping. This is just like using a traditional loss leader strategy to attract new customers to your retail store.

Treat eBay like a search engine. Make sure your product listings feature key SEO words. Use information from to know what key words customers are using to find products. Terapeak can help you identify gaps in the market, confirm pricing strategies, outwit your competitors and attract new customers.

Other strategies to attract new customers include:

  • Add a Subscriber Form on all eBay listings. It’s essential you capture information about your new customers and grow your database.
  • Take advantage of the fact that you can have links to your website and information about your “off eBay” offering on your eBay About Me page.
  • Include a flyer containing information about your website and a unique coupon code with every eBay order you ship.
  • Include links to your Facebook and Twitter pages in your eBay listings.

eBay is often disregarded by online retailers, but with the right strategy the potential for securing new customers from this marketplace is significant.