Woolies Links Rewards Card to Apple Wallet

With the rapid uptake of digital wallets across the e-commerce sector, some retail analysts are predicting that we could be a cashless society by 2022.

Woolworths is pulling this onto their digital strategy, with the aim of making the purchase process for customers as frictionless as possible. Woolworths customers will soon be able to use their iPhones or Apple Watch at checkout, and without unlocking their phone, can redeem rewards or earn points on new purchases.

The company already allows its consumers to pay for their goods via Apple Pay – the new link-up of its loyalty card with the Apple Wallet app is tipped to accelerate the uptake of digital wallets in Australia.

The move is intended to create a smoother and quicker shopping experience for its customers, according to Woolworths head of digital and payments, Paul Monnington, who spoke to the AFR on Tuesday.

“They don’t have to carry their physical card around, it’s much easier when they tap their phone, they can look at their balances and know when they can get their $10 off,” Monnington told the AFR. “We’re looking at creating better shopping experiences for customers -we believe it could lead to personalised seamless experiences.”

Woolworths currently boasts the largest loyalty customer membership base in Australia, roughly sitting at 10 million according to the company’s most recent financial statements for FY17.

Woolworths is the first Australian retailer to link its customer loyalty program with Apple Pay. The move will give the supermarket giant an edge over its rival Coles.

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