Woolworths to Roll Out Click & Collect Service Next Month

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Woolworths will join the ranks of overseas supermarket heavyweights, launching its own Click & Collect offer at Caltex service stations next month.

Woolworths will join overseas retailers and main rival Coles, launching its own Click & Collect service next month. The supermarket giant will embrace this powerful multichannel strategy as part of the rollout of its new online platform in August. Woolworths plans to use Caltex service stations to host its Click & Collect service, which allows customers to purchase products online and pick up at participating outlets.

In an interview with The Australian, incoming CEO Grant O’Brien said that he wants Woolworths to continue to be seen as Australia’s leading retailer and that concerns about slow discretionary sales are just a challenge to test the skills of a retailer and give them a more compelling reason to spend their money. O’Brien expressed a strong desire for change in the way things have been done at one of the country’s most established retail institutions.

In May, Coles introduced its first Click & Collect offer at a Coles Express outlet on Melbourne’s Princes Highway. Click & Collect offers customers a high level of convenience and flexibility and is playing a major role in th growth of overseas retailers such as Sainsburys.

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    • Sally Shopper
    • 15th July

    yawn…. What an innovation to only match Coles. What is wrong with taking a page from Tesco and doing something really innovative instead of only making a “me to” move.

    The opportunities are there – just never taken up. It is a shame.


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