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Conference on Trade and Development’s (UNCTAD) annual E-Commerce Week convention jack ma

Developing Countries Should Nurture E-Commerce

Developing countries looking to e-commerce as a way to bolster their emerging economies need to prioritise the sector’s growth, instead of creating regulations and taxes that could kill it in its infancy, says Jack Ma.

john winning ceo appliances online keys to success

John Winning on Keys to Success

John Winning, CEO of Appliances Online and Winning Group, says that having a great team and loving what he does is some of his keys to success. He shares his advice for e-commerce entrepreneurs and sheds light on his biggest learning for 2016.

bebe to close all physical stores

Bebe to Close All Physical Stores

International fashion retailer Bebe says it will close all its bricks and mortar stores by May 2017 and it’s likely the brand will consider operating as an online-only model moving forward.

amazon breaks silence on australian plans

Amazon Finally Breaks Silence on Australian Plans

After a long silence about its Australian plans, Amazon has now confirmed it will be rolling out its online emporium locally over the next few years, which will be the e-commerce giant’s first full-fledged retail offering in the southern hemisphere.

ebay senate committee gst lockout laws

eBay Threatens to Block Australians

Come 1st July 2017 Australians may find themselves being shut out from their favourite overseas retailers when the upcoming 10% GST on goods purchased from foreign sellers hits, eBay warns.

identity direct sells to ozsale linda greene

Why did Identity Direct Sell to Ozsale?

101 with Linda Greene. The founder of personalised products retailer Identity Direct sheds lights on why she decided to sell certain assets of the company to OzSale, saying part of the attraction was its technology investments that have made them a top pureplay digital marketer.

carl jackson ozsale acquires identity direct

Ozsale Acquires Identity Direct

International online retailer Ozsale Pty, part of the MySale Group, has announced the acquisition of certain trade and assets of online retailer Identity Direct, to expand into the vertical category of personalised products.