Aldi Launches into Online Liquor with New Multichannel Strategy

A senior executive at Aldi Australia has indicated that the discount supermarket chain intends to begin selling alcohol online in a bid to continue its competitive strategy against the Woolworths and Coles duopoly.

In the Weekend Australian, Managing Director Tom Daunt said the move on August 1 would be a world-first for the multinational supermarket and may well lead to further online opportunities.

“Every major liquor retailer in the Australian market has an online presence now, so we’re just joining in,” Daunt said.

“This is an interesting litmus test for us because it’s the first time Aldi has participated in online retailing in any significant way internationally; we’re a progressive bunch down here.”

For this reason, Aldi Australia appears to have gone a different route than the other major supermarkets, in that they have outsourced some significant elements of their new online business. The business reports that logistics will be handled by Dropship Australia, while Playhouse Digital will be creating and maintaining the new website.

Managing Director of Playhouse Digital, Luke Goldsworthy says the partnership is the realisation of some commonalities between the two businesses, which has allowed them to align on this project.

“There has been a level of philosophical common retail ground between Playhouse and Aldi – both companies seek to achieve the best outcomes for their customers by a fearless approach to streamlining and getting it right first time,” he says. “Aldi Liquor has definitely been the test case to put all of our knowledge into action – a project based on the principle of collaboration, transparency and practical evaluation of options. We believe the results will definitely speak for themselves.”

Of course, once up and running it will be very easy for Aldi to build out their entire range into the new channel, putting their offer in direct competition with both Coles and Woolworths.


One thought on “Aldi Launches into Online Liquor with New Multichannel Strategy

    • Steve
    • 14th July

    I believe some of your information is incorrect. I believe logistics are being managed by temando with the preferred carrier not being Australia Post, Toll or TNT. But it will be another major national freight carrier


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