Amazon’s Futuristic Checkout-Free Store

The store of the future has arrived, where all the consumer has to do is choose their items and walk out. No lines, no checkout, no exchange of money, no “Can I check your bag please mam?”, just chose and go.

The first Amazon Go store is currently located in Seattle, open only to Amazon employees at present, who will use the store as a testing ground for the roll out of future stores. The 1,800 square foot physical store will be open to the public early next year, according to the e-Commerce giant.

“Four years ago, we started to wonder. What would shopping look like if you could walk into a store, grab what you want, and just go,” says  Amazon in a video release.

“What if we could weave the most advanced machine learning, computer vision and AI (artificial intelligence) into the very fabric of a store, so you never have to wait in line. No lines. No checkouts. No registers.”

This is exactly the concept of Amazon Go. Customers use the Amazon Go app to enter the store via a check-in very much like that at a train station; basically they tap their smartphone on the turnstile and enter. Customers can then put away their phone and start shopping.

amazon go walk out technology

Anything the shopper picks up in-store is immediately added to their virtual card (via the Amazon Go app). If a customer changes their mind, they simply put the item back, and it’s automatically removed from their virtual card.

Amazon has invested heavily in artificial intelligence technology which it calls “Just Walk Out Technology.” It uses computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion much in the same way self-driven cars are operated.

Once customers are done with their purchase, they simply leave. Amazon’s Just Walk Out Technology does it all, ensuring the customer’s Amazon Go virtual card is charged only for the items they have taken, with the receipt sent straight to the app immediately.

amazon go walk out technology

Amazon Go, previously reported as Project X and Project Como, has been a topic of much speculation in recent months, with the roll out of 2,000 grocery stores in the next decade, and features such as curbside pickup for its future convenience stores.

Well, we can finally put the Chinesee wispers to rest. Say hello to Amazon Go world, a new wave of the store of the future which is here.

Amazon Go will offer ready-to-eat meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacking meals, made fresh by chefs on-site. The new convenience stores will sell grocery staples and fresh produce like dairy, bread, local artisan chocolates as well as the rollout of 30 minutes meal kits with ingredients to prepare at home.


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