Amazon’s CEO and His 8 Hour Winning Formula

One word, sleep. The CEO places high priority on a good nights sleep, even when he has high deadlines and the pressure is on.

Is fact, Amazon’s founder says if you’re slogging away at work and pulling 12 hour days, that’s all the more reason to get some good quality shut eye.

Jeff Bezos is one of many big names, including J.Lo, Renee Zellweger, Eminem, Sir Winston Churchill and Martha Stewart (even the father of medicine Leonardo Da Vinci in his day), who are championing the power and benefits of getting regular good quality sleep.

Bezos told The Wall Street Journal in 1999, that a solid eight hours of sleep every night gives him clarity of thought and the alertness he needs to effectively tackle his daily challenges.

Bezos says instead of fighting the clock and working till the wee hours of the morning to solve a problem, he simply went to bed early.

And the entrepreneur’s Amazon empire is certainly testament to the benefits of well rested body and mind, showing that you can still build a successful enterprise without burning the midnight oil.

So, if you find yourself struggling to focus on a task at hand throughout your day, sleep deprivation could well be the reason. If you have trouble falling asleep, follow these top tips from Hip & Healthy that will help you achieve good quality sleep and healthier sleep patterns:

woman-sleeping-vert“Dinner curfew Eat at least 2 hours before bedtime. The digestive process after eating can disrupt sleep and lead to a night of unsettled tossing and turning.

Go to bed at the same time every day A regular bedtime will help you acquire a regular circadian rhythm (your body clock), which works wonders on your increasing general good health, including good quality sleep, keeping weight down, lower stress levels, and a healthier digestive system. Try waking up at the same time too every day.

No alcohol before bedtime Whilst a good glass of pinot can induce sleep it does not do well for holding it. As little as two drinks may cause you to have a restless sleep.

Lights out Turn off the TV or smart devices at least 2 hours before bedtime. The light emitted from these devices is a stimulant and keeps the brain active and alive. Dim the lights around the house close to bedtime or use lighting with a yellow tone (similar to a fireplace) as this will put the body in a natural state ready for rest.

Make sure your bed is comfy An obvious one, but you should have room to stretch and turn easily. Comfortable breathable sheets are also important. A clean and tidy bedroom also contributes to a more restful sleep.

Don’t study or do work on your bed If you associate your bed with work it will be harder to wind down and relax in it. Keep your bed as a sanctuary for sleep (and sex) only.

Cut down on caffeine Try to refrain from caffeine after 2pm in the afternoon. This will give your body plenty of time to recover from the stimulating effects of caffeine for bedtime.

Reduce stress and anxiety  It’s probably better said than done, but worry is one of the biggest causes of poor quality sleep today. You need to get a handle on stress and manage your thoughts. Stress and lack of sleep and can compound on each other and lead you down the path to bad health. Regular exercise, deep breathing, yoga, meditation and a nutritious balanced diet can all help with reducing stress levels.”


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