Amazon Cagey at ChannelAdvisor’s Insite Event

Global software and services solution provider, ChannelAdvisor, yesterday hosted an event at the Utzon Room in the Sydney Opera House. As always, the highlight of the event was the quality of keynote speakers, with Amazon garnering plenty of attention.

Hamish Moline, Director of B2C Marketplaces at eBay presented on the recent changes that the popular virtual marketplace has undergone, explained Mark Gray, APAC Managing Director at ChannelAdvisor.

“Hamish spoke about the change in focus that eBay has been undergoing,” he says. “Some people were surprised to hear him say that the marketplace is taking an open approach to multichannel retail. eBay understands how important it is for retailers to be in all the right spaces for their consumers, and now they are actively encouraging it.”

However, some reports indicate that the crowd was there to hear from Lesley Schwartz, Amazon’s Head of Global Business, with one Twitter user posting a photo of a full room.

“Lesley gave a presentation on cross-border trade and how Australian retailers are easily able to gain access not only to their large US market, but also to Amazon’s expanding markets in Europe and even China,” Gray says.

However, it was Amazon’s cross-border actions that the audience were more interested in.

“There were certainly some issues raised during a lively Q&A session after the presentation,” Gray explains. “People want to know if Amazon is intending to ramp up their operations in Australia in the near future. Unfortunately, there was no news on that front.”

Gray points out that Amazon’s message remains loud and clear, regardless of any specific statement about expansion.

“Amazon’s point is mainly that, regardless of if and when it hones in on the Australian market, local retailers already have an opportunity to get on board; and just like those forward-thinking retailers, ChannelAdvisor will be working with Amazon from Day One, just like we have in every other region they’ve expanded into.”

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