ASOS Launches Shopping App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

ASOS has just taken a major step towards a mobile future with the launch of a free shopping app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app aims to deliver an elevated experience for customers using mobile devices to access the e-tailer’s online store.

“Following year-on-year growth of over 800% in mobile revenue, I’m delighted to release our iPad and iPhone shopping apps. We decided to take a considered approach to releasing these first apps, so that their foundations were rock-solid, allowing us to now develop and improve the experiences at pace,” said James Hart, E-Commerce Director at ASOS.

The app offers shoppers synchronised account management, allowing customer seamless integration between the website, app and mobile site. Its customer-friendly focus also extends to features such as “Save for Later”, where shoppers can save desired items from the category results page to return to at their leisure. The app also makes the most of GPS functionality by letting customers search and locate nearby drop-off points for returns.

For Hart, easy integration with the main ASOS site and real-time stock availability were key priorities for the new app.

“We also wanted to make sure the app synced with the main site, so we built APIs to do that. As a result, we’ve delivered real-time stock availability and your Bag and Saved Items syncing with your main ASOS account. Finally, we’ve built some app-specific features in such as offline browsing of ‘New In’ items, for those underground moments, and a new My Searches area; both designed for speed and convenience on the go. Watch this space for much more over the coming months.”

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