ASOS Australia Now Live – Exclusive Interview

The moment many local apparel retailers have feared has finally arrived, with the UK’s leading online clothing retailer ASOS launching in Australia with a dedicated site at – currently redirects to the Ceravolo wine site.

The pureplay giant’s move into the Australian market is set to capitalise on local brand presence while creating an offering tailored to domestic shoppers. The retailer will price the site in Australian dollars and retain features such as free shipping and returns that have become central to its value proposition.

Matching seasonality will be a key feature of the ASOS Australia site, according to International Director Jon Kamaluddin. Where international online stores have suffered due to ranging for opposite seasons, ASOS Australia’s content will be tailored to the local seasons. ASOS’ product offer will include local labels alongside the popular eponymous label that has proven to be a winner with Australian shoppers. It will also renew its focus on women’s clothing, menswear, footwear, jewellery, accessories and beauty.

Two years ago, ASOS’ international operations generated 30 million pounds – today it generates 300 million pounds, with ASOS shipping to 196 countries. Australia is now its second-largest market outside the UK. All the features that have made ASOS popular with local shoppers will remain central to the Australian site, including the Fashion Finder and Marketplace, while a local returns centre is being set up in Sydney. To get the exclusive word from Jon, watch the video below taken in Boston 30 minutes before the site launched.

Jon is speaking exclusively at Online Retailer on Wednesday 28 June, presenting Pure Perfection: How ASOS is Winning Tomorrow’s Online Customers Today!

11 thoughts on “ASOS Australia Now Live – Exclusive Interview

  1. I have been a customer of the ASOS UK site for a while now and have always loved it. Pretty excited about the local site going live. But the one thing that is a little bit of a let down is the fact that they haven’t updated the sizing guide – it still only has UK, US and European sizing. ASOS have made quite a big deal about the fact that the clothing is sold in AU sizing, but the idea of ‘standard sizing’ in this country is a myth – we need to know how your sizes measure up!!!

      • nancy
      • 13th October


    • Kathleen Phillips
    • 10th November

    I want to return my shoes that i bought from you as the size 4 is too big for my feet, what address would i send this too and how much would delivery cost as i require the smallest size shoes size 3?

    • Jenny Muldoon
    • 25th February

    I am a very unhappy asos customer. I have been sent an ordered online garment in the wrong size. I have been informed that the asos returns centre is the wrong postcode.
    Can you assist me in returning the incorrect size garment for the correct size as I dont want to reorder the garment again in case the same thing happens. Also I want to be sure that the parcel sent back is the correct address.

  2. I love the asos shop i bought already many times and always good service and in time

  3. Asos is one of my 5 fav online shops. Great service and awesome products always!

  4. Great news from ASOS. I like their design. Very fashion.

    • Cherie
    • 13th January

    Please get more mesh curve leggings in size 18&20 I am desperate!

    • Jonathan
    • 3rd May

    Will there be an actual ASOS Store in Sydney one day ? When and Where ?

    • 16th December

    Hi Guys,
    This is the 3rd time i have tried to make purchase but you will not allow me to add to cart! You mention that stock is low but not out of stock.
    The item i have been trying to purchase is….DUNE NAVY SUEDE MONK SHOES @ $79.00.
    I consider myself a good customer of yours ( check your records ) but i am getting pissed off at not being able to buy these shoes! My size is 41.
    I hope you have a good explanation for this!
    Regards KEN

    1. Hi Ken, please note that Power Retail is an online news publication. I suggest you contact ASOS directly with regards to your comment as Power Retail is not affiliated with them in any way.
      Regards, Prinitha


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