Australians Shop Online More Regularly Than Other Countries

New findings show that Australians purchase online more frequently than customers in other countries, spending on average $206 a month. They are also avid window-shoppers, who increasingly conduct their research online but still buy from bricks and mortar retailers. The findings, which are part of new research conducted by the centre of excellence for creative industries and innovation at Swinburne University of Technology, also show that shoppers aged 50-64 have increased their online monthly spend from $157 to $258 in the last four years. The research will be included in a submission to the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into the retail industry.

According to Scott Ewing, a senior research fellow at the centre, the study shows 78% of Australians are regular web shoppers, in contrast with 88% of customers in the US. “We found 25% of Australians were buying at least once a week, compared with 17% of Americans,” said Ewing. The study also highlights that more Australians look for products online before buying them instore than the other way around – encouraging news for Australian multichannel retailers.

“Multi-channel would seem the way to go both in terms of providing consumer information to assist shoppers in their purchases and then providing the means for shopper to easily purchase either on or offline.  Good up-to-date information on in-store inventory and the ability to order goods not in stock would also seem to be important,” he continued.

“Our research indicates that online retail will continue to grow steadily rather than spectacularly. All retailers need to take a deep breath and work out the implications for their business. For some this may be concentrating on their point of difference- most obviously great customer service that ensures consumers get the right product not necessarily the cheapest one. For others it will be how to integrate their online and offline activities to best meet the needs of the market.”

One thought on “Australians Shop Online More Regularly Than Other Countries

    • michael mcdonald
    • 13th September

    Have you ever thought its more likely that it is cheaper to buy online than from stores here, i know thats why i buy online even some of the stores online still charge high prices no wonder thay are struggling when competitors can deliver the same goods cheaper


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