AVS Networks and Xero Partnership Gives Online Retailers Integrated Financial Tools

Australian digital agency, AVS Networks has merged its online store platform with Xero’s e-commerce accounting software to offer small businesses better financial tracking capabilities.

The partnership enables online businesses “real-time” visibility into their financial position in a secure and easy-to-use Cloud system. Online store transactions are automatically imported to the Xero system upon payment, allowing for painless invoice reconciliation.

The Xero offering includes payroll, mobile and in-depth tracking and financial reporting. The mobile application means online retailers can manage online stores and accounting directly from a smartphone.

AVS Networks Managing Director, Nigel Burke says the fully integrated online platform allows for the convenient and secure transfer of online store data.

“This integration provides a powerful combination of our online store platform and online accounting for small businesses in Australia. Xero and AVS Networks’ customers will both benefit from the power of a fully integrated online platform that delivers anytime, anywhere online retail and financial management,” he says.

Burke says continuing to improve the administrative tools for online sales is a key focus for the new partners.

“Going forward, AVS Networks will continue to focus on providing small Australian online retailers with the tools they need to successfully sell online,” he says.

“Xero is keen to continue this collaboration with us to explore other opportunities where we can improve the tools available for online retailers. The AVS online store and Xero platforms are already available as mobile versions, in the near future we’ll continue to drive this line of the integration to further improve the convenience of this online management platform.”

2 thoughts on “AVS Networks and Xero Partnership Gives Online Retailers Integrated Financial Tools

  1. Great article! We are very excited about this integration and what it means to small Australian online retailers.

  2. Hi Jessica, thanks for spreading the word about Xero … we sooo can help business owners around the world cut the paperwork and work on their businesses more efficiently – way to go


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