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Online shopping club brandsExclusive is showing off a new feature. The website’s new live feed will make for increased customer engagement.

Australian online shopping club, brandsExclusive, has just launched its latest online feature. The site is now hosting a ‘live feed’ function which allows brandsExclusive customers to make purchases from the site and then share products with friends and the brandsExclusive community.

The live feed sits on a dedicated page and will show off recent purchases and tweets from brandsExclusive members, enhancing customer interaction and  social sharing. Trending items will be on show in the feed and members can buy directly from the feed, or share them on numerous social networks.

According to Daniel Jarosch, Founding Director of brandsExclusive, the live feed is an important step for engaging customers.

“Shopping is often a social activity and through our live feed we will enable users to see what other members and their friends are buying in real time, while also engaging and introducing new audiences to brandsExclusive’s offering. We hope the introduction of the live feed will enhance the community and social sharing aspect of brandsExclusive. in addition to taking online shopping to the next level in Australia.”

Other Australian companies using a similar feed idea is Kogan’s pop up boxes, that alert shoppers when someone has made a purchase by giving information on what they bought and where they are from.

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