A New Take on Daily Deals Arrives with DealSave

The launch of the e-commerce website DealSave heralds the arrival of a new kind of online bargain hunting for thrifty shoppers by offering cashback promotions on a variety of deals.

While this may sound like a novel idea, the concept has so far proven popular in both the US and UK, where millions of members have already signed on to similar platforms.

Having recognised this trend, Co-founders Adir Shiffman, Steve Ford and Simon Szewach begun working on DealSave last year, and have just taken the project live.

“We think we have identified a gap in this market and have created even cheaper daily deals for consumers,” says CEO and Co-founder Simon Szewach.

Bringing DealSave to Life

Szewach is quick to point out that DealSave isn’t just another daily deals website such as Groupon, Scoopon or Spreets. Instead, it’s a deal aggregator website.

“This means that consumers can see a wide range of deals from different providers in one location,” Szewach explains, “but unlike other deal aggregators, we also offer a cashback payment whenever a DealSave member makes a purchase from one of the deals listed on the website.”

However, creating such a specific type of website requires a large amount of development with many functional elements involved, according to Szewach.

“We’ve been developing all of our core technologies in-house, and we’ve been beta testing the platform since December 2011.”

Convincing the Local Market

While the cashback concept has proven highly popular in other countries, Australian audiences are as yet unfamiliar with the concept. It is this skepticism that Szewach hopes to quickly overcome in the first few weeks of operation.

“There is an initial skepticism when people discover DealSave because they think the cashback offer is too good to be true,” he says. “However, we have found that this attitude quickly changes when consumers receive their first payment, which is why we make sure we pay can out to members at the end of each month.”

“Once our members get that first payment, the skepticism quickly turns to astonishment.”

This reaction is what DealSave is banking on, as pleasantly surprised customers spread the word of this new site to their friends.

“All our growth has been via word of mouth,” says Szewach. “We haven’t spent a dollar on marketing.”

Having only launched recently, DealSave is still in its very early days. As long as the website can consistently deliver great deals while living up to its cashback promises, any initial skepticism should quick be overcome. Meanwhile, it seems as if the daily deals sites are already excited about the model, with over 20 having already signed up to advertise their deals on DealSave.

DealSave is offering special promotions throughout August to celebrate its launch, and consumers can stay in touch for new deals via its Facebook and Twitter presence.

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    • Carly
    • 6th August

    Have purchased a few items from the dealsave, very excited!


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