CatchoftheDay to go public?

According to the Australian Financial Review, the CatchoftheDay Group is considering an IPO or a trade sale within the next 12-24 months that could value the company at over $600 million.

CatchoftheDay, founded by brothers Gabby and Hezi Leibovich, has become the story of online retail over the past three years. Originally founded as a deal-a-day site based on the successful in the US, CatchoftheDay has rocketed up the revenue charts, adding more strings to its bow with Scoopon (a Groupon clone that does better than the original in the local market), Grocery Run, and more recently acquiring Vinomofo (wine flash sales) and launching Mumgo (targeting mums) in July.

Its growth has been well-documented and has certainly caught the eye of investors already, with CPH investing $80 million in the group last year, valuing the business beyond $200 million.

CatchoftheDay chief executive Paul Reining reportedly told the AFR, “We are showing better growth than the listed bricks-and-mortar retailers… and the growth opportunities are better than bricks-and-mortar retailers – that should attract fantastic investor interest… If you look at online [retailing], it’s now five to six per cent of retail [sales] and growing 20-odd per cent per annum and we’re growing at double or triple that kind of rate.”

A CatchoftheDay IPO would be a landmark occasion in Australian e-commerce, making Catch the first home-grown (literally – the venture started with eBay in the Leibovich household) publicly listed online retailer.


2 thoughts on “CatchoftheDay to go public?

    • Michael S
    • 12th September

    they would need to get a customer service phone number and fix their packaging before they consider going public.

    Although you get what you pay for.

    let the buyer beware, or should that be changed to let the investor beware!

    • Jason Goldsmith
    • 12th September

    There is a big difference in trading figures between ‘double and triple’. I would expect the CEO to be more accurate.


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