Perfect Prescription for Chemist Warehouse Omnichannel

Chemist Warehouse Retail Group is operator of the ‘Chemist Warehouse’ and ‘My Chemist’ branded pharmacies and one of Australia’s largest retailers.

The Group’s deployment of  a new supply chain model was to enable a more efficient supply chain process and maximise service levels across its omnichannel pharmacy retail operations in Australia.

The company says they are seeing good results from the Manhattan solution implementation, which has transformed the company’s store inventory replenishment approach and streamlined its online order fulfilment process. The outcome of this has been greater product availability and improved overall service levels for customers.

“Prior to the implementation, we had limited control over inventory. However, we can now track stock across the entire business and know exactly where a given unit of inventory is at any moment,” said Joanne Lipsey, Chemist Warehouse Retail Group’s GM of Supply Chain, E Pharmacy, and Market Reach.

“This matters when we’re talking about 600,000 units shipped nationally every day to stores or directly to consumers. We now feel that our supply chain is at the point where we can be entirely self-sufficient in terms of getting all our stock to our stores if need be.”

The company is looking to boost and sustain customer loyalty by delivering positive consumer experiences; the Manhattan solution has had a direct impact on this, according to Lipsey.

The Group reports they have seen an accelerated flow of goods through its distribution network, which is driving improved service levels and closer customer relationships.


Chemist Warehouse Group is a privately owned family business consisting of Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist, My Beauty Spot, ePharmacy and the Discount Vitamin Warehouse. The Group operates more than 400 retail stores across Australia and boasts a strong online presence.

The Group is Australia’s sixth largest retailer by turnover, with sales of more than $4 billion, an excess of 10,000 staff and over 400 stores, which represent six percent of all retail pharmacies in Australia. The Group makes up 20 percent of total retail pharmacy sales in the country.


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