Click Frenzy Returns

As a co-founder of this event, I’m pleased to announce Click Frenzy is returning in 2013. Many Power Retail readers will be familiar with the event that caught national interest in November last year.

For those who aren’t, Click Frenzy was Australia’s first national online mega-sales event, bringing together over 170 retailers for a 24-hour shopping frenzy. Its popularity exceeded our wildest forecasts, and the site was down for the first 15% of the 24 hour period, which caused a major stir across media and social media. You can read more on the full story behind Click Frenzy here.

Due to the outage and the subsequent controversy via social media, there’s a perception that Click Frenzy failed. However, the results experienced by the majority of participating retailers, and the positive growth we have seen in our subscriber database since the event, suggests otherwise. There are still plenty of critics, but we’ve been buoyed by the overwhelming industry support for Click Frenzy, and we’re determined to deliver.

We’ve listened, and we have learnt. We have made and continue to make improvements to ensure our future events are even more successful for shoppers and retailers. The appetite for Click Frenzy cannot be underestimated, and nor can we underestimate how seriously Australians take their online shopping!

We’ve got some plans for 2013 we are very excited about, and in testing the market early there’s been great enthusiasm. Click Frenzy is going to become more than just a single annual event. Our 24 hour mega-sale in November remains the  landmark event (the third Tuesday every November is Click Frenzy, and it’s on 19th November this year), but we are complementing Click Frenzy with a calendar of seasonal promotions, kicking off with Mother’s Day on Tuesday, April 23, plus End-of-Financial-Year and Father’s Day.

Click Frenzy 2013 takes on a new look as the festival of online shopping, eCarnivale, arrives the third week in November. Starting with the 24-hour mega-sale from 7pm Tuesday 19 November with all merchants on display, the eCarnivale events continue for the rest of the week, with breakout events for toys, fashion, home, entertainment and other categories continuing the mad shopping momentum.

To help moderate the traffic, subscribers will be given early access to Click Frenzy events whilst for the public, the shopping site goes live at 7pm for the start of each event.

We’ve had an incredible response from existing and new retailers on our Click Frenzy database for the Mother’s Day campaign and subsequent events. If you would like further information on participating in Click Frenzy 2013, please email or call 03 9585 9869.

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  1. Great to see Click Frenzy returning and helping stores to sell online!


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