Consumers Demand Quality Digital Experience – Ernst & Young Report

Australian consumers have a growing attachment to smartphones, social media and digital commerce – no secret there, but the latest Digital Australia: State of the Nation report released by Ernst & Young shows the dramatic impact a poor digital experience will have on brands.

Headlines from the report, available in full here, show that Australian smartphone penetration is the highest in the world, with 88% of Australian consumers using a smartphone. With that comes higher demand for a frictionless, omnichannel experience, with the report showing that 79% of consumers (nearly four out every five) expect information to be integrated across all points of contact.

Two out of every five (40%) of consumers said that organisations who fail to offer a high quality digital experience run the risk of losing their business. Thirty-one percent of consumers have given feedback to a business via social media in the past 12 months, with 80% of Australians using Facebook.

Digital Australia State of the Nation

The overriding message we take from the report is that Australians are continuing to demand the highest level of digital experience from all brands, established and new, and that investment in eliminating friction and enhancing the digital experience will create improved customer engagement.

Ernst & Young Oceania Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications and Customer Leader (that’s the EYOTM&ETCL), Jenny Young, said the most successful organisations have recognised the rapid shift that has occurred in customer mindset, disposition and behaviour. “The focus needs to be on the individual consumer, ensuring that customers feel like their needs are understood and the experiences, products and services they receive are personalised,” said Young.

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