eBay Launches Offline Audience Segmentation in Online Advertising


Bringing the offline and online worlds one step closer together, eBay has released a tool that segments and personalises online advertising, based on a person’s individual–and very offline–attributes.

Today, eBay launched an industry-wide educational campaign and microsite to highlight the power and impact of its introduction of geoTribes, a significant industry development. It is believed that this will be the first time Australian marketers can target ads online based on socio-economic status, lifestage and needs.

JJ Eastwood, eBay’s Head of Advertising, said that only a company like eBay, with its ability to  segment a large database according to both age and address, could provide this type of offering and implement it online at scale. He added that eBay also believes this tool to be the most robust segmentation product currently available online.

“Marketers who are familiar with offline geo-demographical and needs-based segmentation, but have struggled to map them to digital campaigns, now have a tool that brings offline audience segmentation to online advertising,” said Eastwood.

“E-commerce is now a $30 billion industry here in Australia, and marketers are looking for opportunities to connect with consumers while they shop online. Therefore, it’s important that as we bring new advertising partners on-board, we connect them with the right audience, and, in turn, our customers receive advertising messages that are both relevant and meaningful to them.

To illustrate the outcomes that the eBay geoTribes approach can yield, Eastwood unveiled results of rolling out the platform to existing clients in the six months since his appointment.

During the introduction phase, optimal results achieved have been four-fold increases in CTR (click through rate) compared with prior performance and–more importantly–clients have informed eBay that their ROI has doubled as a result of eBay’s geoTribes geo-demographic targeting.  eBay stated that clients who are achieving the best outcomes have followed a stepped process where they identify the correct geoTribe to target, then refine their messaging and offers to each tribe.

The microsite illustrates the nature of each of the 15 Tribes, the accuracy of the targeting system and the reach and engagement that eBay can deliver. It incorporates an interactive tool for marketers to generate a free report based on age, gender and geographic location with social media sharing capabilities.

The company emphasised that its commitment to customer privacy remains paramount, and that it maintains a strict policy of never sharing members’ personal information with third parties.  Since 2007, eBay’s AdChoice program has been recognised as an industry-leading solution for providing transparency and choice in the field of behavioural targeting, with prominent notice and a persistent opt-out.

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