Etsy Unveils Etsy Studio With New Enhanced Features 

Etsy Studio is the first new market the company has built from the ground up since debuted in 2005. When it launches this spring, visitors will be able to enjoy an enhanced shopping experience, and sellers will be amped with plenty of new tools to help their online business grow on the platform.

Through conversations with its buyers and sellers, the company has learnt about the challenges of selling and shopping for items within the craft category. Their feedback has been incorporated into the design of Etsy Studio, to create an enjoyable experience for both.

“We’ve developed a whole new set of tools for categorising and describing items and combined those with a new shopping experience tailored specifically to the needs of DIY shoppers,” says Chad Dickerson, chief executive and chairman of Etsy.

etsy studio launches
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A new dashboard allows sellers to quickly see a snapshot of all the information they need, including conversations from buyers that need to be responded to, orders that need to be fulfilled, as well as shop stats and finances. A new shop advisor tool will also notify sellers if something needs urgent attention, and a new navigation allows sellers to easily switch from task to task. In the coming months Etsy will also be adding a new order management and shop stats experience to its Shop Manager tool.

etsy studio launches


Some key features of Etsy Studio include:

A Centralised Hub For Sellers

With Etsy Studio, Dickerson says it has made seller tools and services easier to access and use. “Our new Shop Manager is a centralised hub for creative entrepreneurs to run their businesses, bringing the tools they depend on and all of their Etsy, Inc. sales channels like Pattern and the new Etsy Studio into one place.”

Improved Inventory Management

“Sellers have told us that managing inventory can be time-consuming and difficult, especially for those with a wide variety of products,” says Dickerson. Starting this week, the company is rolling out its new inventory management tools to make this process easier for its sellers. They can now add a quantity, price and SKU on each listing variation they offer, enabling them to keep track of inventory and give their customers a better view of everything the shop has for sale.

Clearer Policies and More Transparency

Integrity and transparency are core to Etsy, and the company says it is constantly working to ensure both. “Sellers with handmade items will now be able to share information about their production process and partners they may work with, right within the listing process. We’re also clarifying our Handmade Policy so that sellers and buyers around the world can more easily understand what is and is not considered handmade. We aren’t changing the substance of our Handmade Policy, only making it easier to understand.”

An Improved Shopping Experience

Finally, Dickerson says the company are committed to make the shopping experience on best in class. “To enhance search on, we’re adding structured data to our listings. This will enable sellers to provide category-specific attributes like colour, size and material, and soon, for buyers to search with filters. We also recently introduced multi-shop checkout, which allows buyers to add items from multiple shops to their cart and complete the purchase in a single transaction. And, in the coming months, we’ll also be introducing a guest checkout option on to bring even more potential buyers to our sellers.”

etsy studio launches

Etsy says it’s focused on its sellers, with an emphasis on supporting them, and its seller-aligned business model means that – it succeeds when they succeed. The platform has built and streamlined its online tools and services to help sellers start, manage and scale their businesses, and consistently launches marketing campaigns to bring its sellers new customers.

“One of our goals is to support our sellers wherever they choose to sell. From our recently announced Google Shopping ads solution to our custom website builder, Pattern, we are dedicated to helping our sellers manage their businesses so they can spend more time creating,” says Dickerson.

“The craft supply market is enormous, approximately $44 billion in the US alone. When we began exploring this area, we discovered that something very important was missing: joy. For a category that’s meant to bring people so much happiness and connection, we think we can do a lot better.”

Today, Etsy has 1.7 million active online sellers in almost every country in the world, connected to 27 million digital shoppers. As the nature of work changes and more people make a living outside of a traditional 9-5 job, Etsy offers individuals a new option, the freedom to make a living that’s built around human connection and creativity, via its online selling platform.

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