Shows Increase in Outsourcing Online Jobs

Outsourcing and crowd-sourcing marketplace has released job figures for the first quarter of 2012. These figures show the increase in outsourcing for online jobs and the 50 fastest growing online job categories (Fast 50). Chief Executive, Matt Barrie, said the Fast 50 pulls data from over 3.3 million users and 1.5 million projects creating the most comprehensive insight into online job trends.

“We have seen a huge increase in outsourcing on the whole, with businesses rethinking their strategies moving into the New Year,” Barrie said.

The latest quarter shows an increase of 40,000 jobs from the last quarter or 2012. “Projects are up over 30% compared to the previous quarter. The huge growth in outsourcing is made up of a wide range of different types of projects being completed in countries all across the globe,” Barrie said.

The report shows that Virtual Assistant jobs are on the rise and it is predicted that they will continue to be thanks to cheaper off-shore labour. Mobile app development is showing no signs of slowing because of the ever growing smart phone revolution. Android, iPhone development have both seen over a 25% increase in jobs.

“In a difficult global economic climate, businesses are looking to optimize their cost base and are therefore looking to online freelancers as a profit driver. This has seen significant job growth on the marketplace despite challenging broader economic conditions,” Barrie said.

The top 10 of the Fast 50 include: BPO, PDF, Excel, Data Processing, Copy Typing, Web Search, Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Article Submission and Customer Support.


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