GraysOutlet Turns One, Turns On $1 Supersale

Turning one last week, went a little bananas on its birthday, offering customers 2000 items on site for just $1 each last Friday night. Products included clothing, kitchenware, manchester, fashion accessories, beauty and fragrance across multiple well-known brands, with a total recommended retail price of over $155,000.

$300 dresses were going for $1; luggage, quilt covers and homewares were all on the line for just $1 an item.

Needless to say, after being publicised on A Current Affair, the stampede of traffic momentarily crashed the site due. The overwhelming response was far ahead of expectations:

  • The GraysOutlet site attracted over 70,000 unique visitors in 24 hours – compared to approximately 10,000 visitors on an average day.
  • More than four new customers registered every minute, totalling nearly 6000 new accounts.
  • 5722 items were ordered by customers in this period, resulting in 1863 orders being sent out the next business day.
  • 44% of items sold were Fashion, 24% were Perfume & Cosmetics, and 16% were Homewares.

The most popular products going for $1 were a Drizabone Stripe Shirt, Osh Kosh B’gosh Baby Girl Button Up Romper, and a Living Doll Combat Dress.  Who’d have thought?

“This birthday sale was an opportunity to reward customers and also show them the thousands of products we have on the site on sale every day,” said Cameron Poolman, CEO of GraysOnline. “The response to this promotion was amazing – beyond our expectations and we are delighted customers got some great deals.”

Only last week, GraysOnline announced a foray into travel retail, launching GraysEscapes.

72 thoughts on “GraysOutlet Turns One, Turns On $1 Supersale

    • Oh dear
    • 30th October

    Oh dear, look at all the upset peasants.
    Cracks me up.
    The site got overloaded due to massive demand, GET OVER IT!.

    Hahah direct correlation between those who watch TT and make brain dead comments seen here.

    “Oh the site wouldn’t let me buy some junk for $1! It must be a scam Today Tonight must investigate. Oh no these criminals! Oh no is there a labour government or a union that can help? We must report it to ACA!”

    You clowns are hilarious.

    1. spot on.. well said!
      Peasants… hahahaha that cracked me up… way too accurate

  1. It’s just a tricky ad campaign gimmick to promote the business. Today tonight should investigate and in future let those that are only genine.

  2. Very disappointed after trying and trying to contact you Monday night with no luck I was interested in the purchase of one case.

    • Blossom Fonseca
    • 30th October

    Absolutely sick a) we had to wait till 10pm to try and get in living in WA
    b) being unable to register for a bargain because we were one week later

    A terrible rip off

  3. i tried to get on please enter me in the competition thankyou

    • Rita Duxbury
    • 30th October

    Please enter me in the competition.



    • Mark
    • 31st October

    Absolute RIP OFF!!!!! you can’t get into the site … Where are the $1.00 items??? You have to bid this was just a scam to increase there database of emaill address to bomb bard you with there merchandise.. Hard Times but you did nthing for your credability.
    Shame Shame Shame…..


  4. ” HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY ”
    Please enter me in your competition as I want to celebrate with you.


  5. $1 dollar promotion sale. Waste of my time and above all the grays customer service sucks. They managed to get my details from me and I got nothing but ended up wasting my time. I would say they should securely purge all the details they collected that night for all those who did not get any value out of it. This is unfair graysoultet team managed to waste hours of peoples time and managed to build the database. This is win-win for them. I ask them to delete the information and mnot contact users unless they re-register out thier choice.

  6. Grays customer support called this morning accepted that there were 60000 users who have held the luggage item and there were many items which no one secured but ended up registering with graysoutlet. Grays acknowledged that it has caused frustration to the consumers yet they do not have intention to let go off thier gains i.e. deleting the customer information from thier database who joined that night and see how many of them come back and re-register. The main purpose of the promotions are to build the customer database which they managed to get. If they are honestly appologetic then why dont they let go thier gains as well ?

    • James
    • 13th November

    graysoutlet website was an absolute bad experience, it took me hours to get onto them for $1 sale, no success. What a RIP-OFF, what a fake marketing campaign, I will definitely tell my friends about my experience so that they know who they are dealing with.

    If they didn’t have the technical capacity to cater for so many clicks at the same time, they shouldn’t have come on live TV. I am very disappointed, very upset, very frustrated. I would never visit their website even if they claim to offer things for free because I know they are lying.

    • tora hall
    • 14th February

    this is a con job, have been on page for 2 hrs, purchased 4 items,, went to check out, and everything was gone.. Back on line again purchased 4 items, went to checkout and again lost the purchases – then when I tried for the 3rd time, everything is sold… or telling you that you are ordering too many items (where I have only ordered 1) This happened last time they did this sale,
    email from them told me they had ‘technical problem with website’…. OK whats the story this time.
    All they want is publicity on Channel 9 ACA – but to buy anything is impossible. DONT BOTHER.

    • maureen bryan
    • 14th February

    i would love to register


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