Harvey Norman E-commerce Site Goes Live!

The Go Harvey Norman Go button has been pushed at last! Marking one of the Australian online retail industry’s most significant milestones, the highly anticipated Harvey Norman e-commerce website goes live today.

Built on a Magento e-commerce platform, the site features a broad range of product available for purchase online. Options include home delivery or click and collect, the latter a marvellous feat of cross-channel integration considering the 170 mostly franchised store network. Features include Endeca-powered site search and merchandising, product comparisons, customer ratings and reviews, multiple product shots and an optimised shopping cart. Originally slated for a May 2011 launch, the go-live date has continued to be pushed back, largely due to the complexity of the integration points required to turn Harvey Norman’s fragmented store model into one capable of efficient online order fulfilment.

Chairman Gerry Harvey has long been Australia’s most prominent business critic of online retailing, but even the great naysayer has bowed to the inevitable in 2011 to join the booming e-commerce trade in Australia. The new site went live this afternoon to capitalise on pre-Christmas spend.

10 thoughts on “Harvey Norman E-commerce Site Goes Live!

    • Jane
    • 23rd November

    Well Well, the great Gerry Harvey is dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

  1. And he went with Magento??

    Well good luck with that.

    Further proof that Uncle Gerry is not getting good professional and experienced advice.

  2. Hey Mark. maybe not the place to have a platform discussion but I’m interested in why you think Magento is not the right platform..seems to me from initial inspection they have done a decent job with the site.

    • Angus
    • 23rd November

    Magento is bloatware, but throw enough hardware at it and you can get it to perform. Very configurable and easy to modify. I’d be interested to know what @Mark prefers ? We have been using BigCommerce lately.

  3. What about mobile?!

    Magento has the ability to deliver, I was surprised to see that Gerry has not yet enabled the mobile features

    • Mr Wig
    • 24th November

    The fact Harveys now online is in the 21st century and @Mark who cares about platform, as long as consumers buy… but i agree my ipad doesnt handle the pages very well

    • Emma
    • 24th November

    Good move going with buy online pickup in store on launch – really with the size of their goods not surprising!

  4. Welcome to the world of online, yes the ‘pick up’ feature is a great idea and in touch with modern retailing

  5. @Edmund, @Mr Wig,

    look sorry if my comment about Magento caused a stir. I’m not wholly against Magento, I think it’s fine for small to medium sized businesses. (And yes i do know they have what they call an enterprise edition.)

    My comment was more in reaction to Uncle Gerry;s previous comments that “we know more about online retail than people think we do” and that he expected his online store to be generating billions per year.

    I just wouldn’t have thought Magento was a way to go given those earlier comments.

    In a recent Forrester research report into the best online ecommerce options, Magento didn’t even rate a mention, and there were several dozen that they looked at.

    So yes it’s great that Harvey Norman is trying to catch up with the online world.

    The site itself I thought was pretty ordinary. I mean it ticks all the standard boxes but there is nothing particularly modern or innovative about it.

    Design wise it looks like something from 5 years ago, which is eons in internet time.

    Plus it doesn’t load that fast and fails some basic accessibility tests.

    So it’s an adequate first attempt. The real proof will be to see what it looks like in a few months time.

  6. Wonderful story 🙂


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