Hop Shop Go…Right Out of Here!

US based e-commerce businesses that have previously been deemed as no-go zones for the Australian consumers due to local delivery and payment restrictions, are now just a couple of perilous clicks away.

With the recent launch of PayPal and comGateway‘s team effort, HopShopGo, e-commerce consumers in the Asia Pacific region, are now able to access some of the most iconic stores in the US, including Bloomingdales, Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Described as “a one-stop online shopping site that takes care of consumers’ payment and shipping needs”, HopShopGo is able to facilitate business between US-based stores that do not accept payment from or deliver outside the country, and shoppers worldwide. The site does this by allowing its users to set up a physical US address where purchased goods can be delivered and held until international dispatch instructions are received.  This enables overseas shoppers to save money by adding different orders together to be delivered in one hit and take advantage of the site’s low shipping rates. Orders can also be repacked into smaller boxes as another way to lower delivery rates.  Payment is via users’ PayPal accounts.

While this is fantastic news for consumers, it can only mean one thing for Australian retailers – an increased ability to cross-border shop gives the international big wigs of e-commerce more access to the Australian market.  All of a sudden, stores that Australians have only seen on TV or read about in glossy magazines are available at their fingertips – along with lower prices, sales and hot deals on offer.

The integration of cross-border shopping works both ways – with Australian e-commerce retailers becoming more accessible internationally too.  However, there still seems to be the notion that it’s the Australian e-commerce businesses that will ultimately lose out as a result.

With the consumer world opening up in such a way, what action do Australian e-commerce retailers need to take to benefit from this opportunity and build their brands internationally?

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33 thoughts on “Hop Shop Go…Right Out of Here!

    • chucky
    • 7th December

    After signing up with HopShopGo and receiving my forwarding address, I ordered a package worth around $700 from a US online store and had it sent via FedEx to the HopShopGo address they gave me. FedEx tracking information shows it was delivered and signed for by HopShopGo over a week ago – but according to their website, there is NO record of it arriving!!! Hopefully if it’s “disappeared” my credit card insurance will cover it – otherwise PayPal/HopShopGo will NEVER hear the end of this from me!!! DON’T TRUST THEM!!!

    1. Excellent service , shopping to Australia within 4 days. Very reasonably priced, easy tracking of shipment . Items bought from US website cost me 1/3 of the amount I would have to pay in in Australia ( that includes shipment from hopshopgo)

    • kath
    • 13th December

    Hi I am currently having the same experience with them and they won’t return my emails.

  1. I have been having the same problem. I have done all of my Christmas shopping on their site using both Ship for Me and Buy for me services. It took over 4 days for them to actually process one of my buy for me services. Very Annoying and I’m extrememly anxious that my presents won’t arrive in time for Christmas.

    I did all of my shopping by the 3rd of December and only one parcel has arrived. This is my first time and probably the last time ever dealing with them as they won’t return any emails and the online chat has been disabled for over 2 weeks now.

    Not happy!!!

    • Joanne
    • 4th January

    I tried the HopShopGo “Buy It For Me” service. I did some forum searching first for other customer’s experiences … All looked OK at the time (Nov 2010). I placed my order from Amazon.com for 6 Tshirts/tops. One top was not available, I wasn’t notified by HSG. I was a little disappointed due to the lack of communication, but as it was so close to Christmas, I really didn’t worry too much. I followed the process of the goods being sent to the collection centre, all seemed OK. I then received my credit card statement and I had been charged $124 as a service fee, because they did the buying for me! I then checked my HSG account, and yes I had been charged for the service. So my $130 purchase now just cost me $254 without freight! Because HSG wouldn’t repack the three parcels (5 shirts) I was also charged for individual freight, another $50. So now my purchase from the US that should have been reasonably priced (thought I was getting a bargain with the AU dollar being so strong) just cost me over $300! I have put this down to a lesson learnt and I would not recommend HSG Buy It For Me Service to anyone.

    • Ash
    • 8th January

    I thought all this sounded too good to be true, I don’t like the fact you have to sign on through your PayPal account, and you are not protected In Australia with PayPal Protection plan…WHY NOT?..
    I tried to find info about HSG on PayPal site and found Nothing!..
    Then I read all these headaches above, Nope, not for me.
    The best way is to get friendly with a trusted US Citizen and get them to send it to you…they are around.

    • Evan
    • 25th January

    Fantastic experience with them, though I only used the ShipForMe service. You need to register on HSG’s website the fact that you have placed an order and from which retailer – helps them track it when it arrives and appears quicker on your profile. Shipping was fantastic. It took 3 calendar days (yes) to go from HSG’s warehouse in Oregon to my house in Melbourne (much quicker than local shipping in US). Also, it cost me around $50 in shipping that DHL would normally charge customers around $150-$200. All up, the stuff I bought ended up 50% cheaper than available here in Australia, even after shipping.

    • Roz
    • 15th February

    Beside Evan, has anyone else had a bad experience? I spent alot of time shopping on the Nike site, then I thought I should try to calculate the shipping, but it’s not easy to estimate the size or weight of what you are buying, but according to their calculations for a 5kg parcel of 60cm x60cm it will cost over $300 to ship! Thats not so cheap now. It seems cheaper to buy off ebay.

  2. HopShopGo is terrible ! DO NOT USE ! Issues so far
    1. Real weight 5kg, got charged for a whopping 18.5kg
    2. Repacking wasn’t available first time around, only after asking rep, they managed to reduce it to 12.5kg. Why wasn’t repacking available first time ? Too lazy ? 12.5kg is more than double the real weight.
    3. Shipping estimator always underestimates shipping cost because they don’t calculate surcharges.
    4. Want to return your item back ? Going to cost your dearly too.
    I going to try http://www.priceusa.com.au/ instead, seems to be more transparent.

    • Liz (Melbourne)
    • 2nd July

    I don’t normally write reviews but this company is a complete con that i had to warn people.
    I purchased 2 beanbags from fatboyusa… normally in Australia they would cost me $1,000 but i got them for $480 from the US website. However, when it came to shipping my beanbags to Australia it was going to cost be over $1,100! because they go by volumetric weight rather than the actually weight… the weight for one beanbag was 42kg and the other 77kgs!
    I had to return the items to fatboyusa through hopshopgo who then wanted to charge be close to $300 to post within the USA!

  3. Hi Liz,
    Sorry to here you and others have had bad experiences from the USA. I have a service agent in the USA who we work closely with to get goods to Australia for American based companies, rather than using integrators/ aggregated services – too expensive an no control over the service.
    Please let me know if you need help in the future, if we can’t I’ll give you names of a couple of ex pat colleagues of mine who work in the freight industry up there..
    Being bean bags they are always going to volume out if filled, I was just wondering, were they already filled with polystyrene beans? Best way would be to fill them here and get them shipped without, there would be no volume and it should only cost you under $55 to ship them flat packed through the standard FEDEX/ USPS types.
    Anyway, best of luck with it

  4. Hopshopgo?

    Should be hopshopno!

    Their service, at least, lives up to their parent company……………………dreadful!
    Used them once, never again!

    • sadie
    • 28th February

    BEWARE. just got a tearful message from a friend, she has to pay hopshopgo $360 to send her package to indnesia -worth $450. terrible pricing, totally unfair. they said they’re gonna charge per half kilo, but then for a barbie doll they charge 12 kilos, it’s not even a kilo.. wow, AVOID

    • Gorry
    • 26th August

    I am not interested about theri service to Indonesia.
    I would like to hear opinion of Australians who used thier service,



      • Sonia
      • 9th September

      Maybe you’re not interested but it is relevant to the discussion. The point being that they sometimes charge very unfairly to countries far away ie Indonesia one may assume that the same may happen to Australian orders. If you’re not interested in knowing too much information for your pea-sized brain then skip the info for yourself and don’t bother commenting stupidly on a post that is helpful and relevant. These discussions are not tailor made and created for you idiot.

      • paul
      • 19th January

      I have been using HSG since mid 2009 and have had them ship in excess of 60 occasions and over 300 items and not once have i had an issue, and contact has always been instantaneous through com gateway live chat.

    • Fay
    • 18th November

    Please follow the advice of 95% of those who have commented on this site and DO NOT place an order with Hop Shop & Go. Don’t even THINK about it. Their “volumetric packaging” GROSSLY over estimates the real cost of shipping. Even if the package is really small, they charge a minimum of 0.5kg. As a rough guide, take the actual estimated weight of your goods and then multiply by ten. Had I realised the true cost of shipping my items I would never have bought in the first place. PLEASE, PLEASE do not be conned like I was. You will live to regret it. I have no idea why Paypal have put the name behind this company I won’t be using Paypal again either.

    • Nat
    • 30th November

    I used HopShopGo for shipping to Australia and will not use them again. The shipping fees are ridiculous. I knew the package was 1.3kg but they have charged me for 3.5kg. Also the $30 shipping estimate they provide on the site turned into a $68.33 shipping on items I paid $71 for. They also had a ‘remote area’ surcharge of $17.60 of which I had no warning of beforehand. Fair enough if I lived in the middle of nowhere, but I live in Shepparton, 2 hours north of Melbourne. Not remote by any instance.

    But once your stuff is with them they have you over a barrell. You have to pay what they want or you forfeit your stuff or get hit with hefty storage fees.

    This is all in context where I ordered a 2.5m by 0.5m slide for my kids direct from America for the sum of $155 DELIVERED to my door using a vendor that shipped directly to Australia.

    Never again, I think I will use PriceUSA next time as they seem to have a good reputation.

    • Heather
    • 24th January

    I SO wished I’d read this blog (and others) before going ahead and having HopShopGo take delivery of my goods to be freighted to Australia. HSG – Oh yes, “they can’t calculate how much this will cost “- and then you get slammed for a ridiculous amount US$170+ (the goods themselves only cost $56 and that included free shipping to HSG). They refused to re-packed of course and calculated some ridiculous weight – 18 kilos. In the end, I had the goods sent to a family friend living in the US. Again they slammed me for $45 just for the re-direction. What an expensive lesson this has been. A word of warning, use HSG at your own peril. I intend spreading the word far and wide to give this company a wide berth!

    • Suresh
    • 11th March

    I signed up for hopshopgo. One major frustating point is ,There is no call service. You can only communicate through email or chat. I used their chat service and got the information about the payment and delivery date. I did according the way they advised. Their shipping is not very expensive, i mean it less expensive that fedex. When the delivery date is reached, i checked the status and it was on hold. I sent an emil and they replied after 2 days and asked me to get some paperowrk done my end as they cannot do that. i enquired and came to know to that i have to go to some gov office, get the document, pay fees which is cose to $80(my shipment charge was 40$ only). its very frustating to communicate with these people as they dnt reply neither on chat nor on em ail. Finally they replied me that its client resposibility to know aLL THE rules and REGULARITIES of custom. They wont return you any money for sure. take it for granted. in emails, they will reply after 2 3 days. their service is worst. if you are happy and that does nt suit you, try hopshopgo. They will make ur life more exciting with full of tension. If you want to buy tension, use hopshopgo.

    • wendy
    • 15th March

    Hi I have been reading all the reviews and I was wanting to purchase from America, does anyone have any suggestions who can be used at a good price?

    • beni alenius
    • 12th June

    Well, even after reading all these comments, and a few on another couple of sites, I chose HopShopGo. Why? Because I know people like to whinge, while satisfied folk just sit baak and smile quietly.
    My experience so far? All good. Replies to my emails have been the same business day [allowing for time zones]. I requested a different repack for one offered – they complied immediately. Costs? They are ALL upfront, disclosed, and not expensive. I am well pleased with their service. The surcharges such as remote area or fuel are listed onsite. The fuel charge is industry standard; FedEx don’t deliver to Woopwoop, they must engage a local delivery agent. I like FedEx, their tracking is superb.
    If you want to ship bulky but light goods ALL airline/freight companies will charge for the volumetric weight [the calculator is onsite]; HopShopGo’s divider is possibly more generous than is standard. Check it yourself. And you should be aware of your country’s customs. procedures. The charge for the first 0.5 kg is to cover their costs as well as carriage; charges for the remainder are for carriage.
    Use them again? You betcha. No hesitation, no worry.

    • Donna
    • 17th July

    I just used Hop Shop Go for the first time. It is a rip off. It cost me $50 to ship a 1.5kg package to Australia. I was willing to pay up to $30, but they slugged with a “remote area charge” as if I live in the bush! I live in a major regional city. As a comparison Amazon shipped a 2kg package to me for $14 and it arrived in 7 days.
    Not recommended.

    • Eric
    • 6th August

    My first delivery. HopShopGo. Two small packets. Weight 4lbs. Fast delivery by USPS not DHL as expected.
    A$80 for post (6.5kg charged) Makes the purchase borderline for me. I will try for the 3 purchases discount offer to see how it goes but not looking good.

    • Person
    • 14th September

    HopShopGo charged $28.50 for two Chromecast dongles shipped from US to Melbourne. Total ripoff.

    Try to avoid shipping too many boxes with them because the volumetric calculation will blow your shipping costs way out. I had 5 boxes of misc. shipped through them that cost over $120 (that cost ended up being more expensive than the actual things I shipped!).

    That’s because they don’t give you the repack option for most items so you get stung with very high shipping fees.

    • LAU
    • 18th October

    This is how they make money out of it. They charge based on volumetric weight, not actual weight, try not us ship too many boxes, it might ends up cost you a bomb!

    • Seh
    • 2nd December

    OMIGASH!!Hopshopgo? What a rip off!! Shipping fee causes like double the normal shipping to my home!! Dont get cheated!

  5. A real cheat this HopShopGo. Package was 1lbs (about 0.5kg) when DHL the courier this company used to do actual shipment but this stupid company charged me 1.5kg, that is more than 3 times the actual weight.

    What a daylight robber. Don’t use this company people or you regret it. Don’t say I did not warn you.

    • Al
    • 11th November

    Avoid Hopshopgo like the plague. They confirmed receipt of packages worth US$1500 but subsequently told me they lost them. They offered to refund the amount and asked for receipts. When they saw the amount they’ll need to refund they changed their mind, and offered to only refund the shipping amount. I couldn’t call them. I could only text chat with them during their office hours or email them. Any email I send I have to wait 1 business day to receive a lengthy, but worthless reply. In then end I have lost $1500, and got their sincerest apologies in return.

    • sherry
    • 30th November

    I have used HopShopGo for years and have been very happy with the service. It appears some people are confusion about how shipping works. The volume weight always is considered. Just becaus an item is only 2kg, if the dimension is large you are charged accordingly. It takes more room so less can be shipped. Common sense for business. Shipping in Australia is calculated the same way. AND I have friends and family that have shipped tl me. Still cheaper and quicker to use HopShopGo. For example i had a Kitchenaid shipped with them and paid $365, including shipping. Same in Aust cisg iver $700.

    • Sindy
    • 7th January

    I have used the hopshopgo service to forward parcel to Australia, it is VERY DEAR!!! For 4 pair of calf compressions (equivalent to 4 pair of socks), I was charged with 1.5kg weight … my whole package is less than 2 kg and they charge me for 5kg!!! And they don’t repackage for you … with this shipping there is no saving buying it from US!!!! BEWARE AND KEEP AWAY!!! First and never again!!!

    • Randy
    • 28th December

    Stay AWAY from Hopshopgo & comGateway. They lost my item $550 inside their warehouse itself in less than 24hours they received it.

    Charged 1.5Kg for my 0.8Kg item without re-packaging.

    No phone number to contact. I lost my item, money and time with this group.

    • Sl
    • 16th January

    Hop shop go does charge a bit extra by weight. But retailers in Australia are thugs too. I recently wanted a pair of floor standing speakers, the price in Australia was 2 to 5 times that what one would pay in US or UK. It just sucks to be a consumer and get conned everytime with pseudo discounts and sales offering in Australia.

    I did end up getting from overseas and paid the freight and still saved money compared to the best discounted prices offered by Australian retailers. Maybe it is just audio equipments.


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