Hop Shop Go…Right Out of Here!

US based e-commerce businesses that have previously been deemed as no-go zones for the Australian consumers due to local delivery and payment restrictions, are now just a couple of perilous clicks away.

With the recent launch of PayPal and comGateway‘s team effort, HopShopGo, e-commerce consumers in the Asia Pacific region, are now able to access some of the most iconic stores in the US, including Bloomingdales, Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Described as “a one-stop online shopping site that takes care of consumers’ payment and shipping needs”, HopShopGo is able to facilitate business between US-based stores that do not accept payment from or deliver outside the country, and shoppers worldwide. The site does this by allowing its users to set up a physical US address where purchased goods can be delivered and held until international dispatch instructions are received.  This enables overseas shoppers to save money by adding different orders together to be delivered in one hit and take advantage of the site’s low shipping rates. Orders can also be repacked into smaller boxes as another way to lower delivery rates.  Payment is via users’ PayPal accounts.

While this is fantastic news for consumers, it can only mean one thing for Australian retailers – an increased ability to cross-border shop gives the international big wigs of e-commerce more access to the Australian market.  All of a sudden, stores that Australians have only seen on TV or read about in glossy magazines are available at their fingertips – along with lower prices, sales and hot deals on offer.

The integration of cross-border shopping works both ways – with Australian e-commerce retailers becoming more accessible internationally too.  However, there still seems to be the notion that it’s the Australian e-commerce businesses that will ultimately lose out as a result.

With the consumer world opening up in such a way, what action do Australian e-commerce retailers need to take to benefit from this opportunity and build their brands internationally?

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