KFC’s ‘Double’ Social Media Fallout

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KFC Facebook fans sound out about the company's failure to communicate with stores.

The Colonel couldn’t have been happy this week at KFC’s launch of it’s new ‘man’ burger, the ‘Double’.

The burger which has been popularised in the US, consists of two chicken breast fillets, filled with a rasher bacon and double cheese (no bread) and has been touted by KFC as ‘the ultimate manfood’.

In an attempt to gain momentum for the campaign, the company announced the impending launch of the Double on it’s Facebook page. KFC offered fans and male KFC VIPs subscribers (via email) an exclusive offer to sample the burger one day prior to launch.

Unfortunately, KFC management forgot communicate to its stores about the  planned promotion, so when eager fans rushed to purchase the Double they were sorely disappointed – with many of them taking to Facebook to vent their frustration.

Speaking to Mumbrella, Zac Rich, Corporate Affairs Manager for KFC Australia: “This is the first time that we have offered our Facebook fans access to a product prior to launch. While there are some customers who have had trouble getting a hold of a Double, it has gone very well in most areas. We apologise to those customers who have been unable to buy the product but rest assured that it will definitely be available across Australia from tomorrow.”

The comment of the day has to go to Neil Pope, who in response to the furor, posted: “It takes a real man to order a double then cry like a little girl on FB when he cant get one.”

All jokes aside, for KFC in what is planned to be a month long campaign it is a valuable lesson about the immediacy of social media marketing and brings to the forefront what a double-edged sword this channel can be when expectations aren’t met.

Also when reading through the comments on the page, there a couple of ‘feisty’ posts, raising questions about the level to which a company should be responsible for moderation of their social media channels.

What are your thoughts?

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