Kogan Projects $100M+ Revenue and 500% Growth for FY11/12

Success abounds for Melbourne-based electronics retailer Kogan, with the company announcing an expansion of its product range in light of its 2012 projected growth.

Founder and CEO, Ruslan Kogan said that the company is on track to grow by over 500% and record $100M+ revenue goal this financial year, putting it in the fortunate position of being able to expand its product range to include popular technology brands including Apple, HP and Toshiba.

“The Kogan business has been growing at an extraordinary rate, we saw a 408% increase in the last quarter of 2011 from the last quarter of 2010,” he shares.

“We’ve had great feedback and support globally and our rapid growth means we can continue expanding our range to offer more electronics and appliances to smart shoppers. We only source the products we know our customers want, and will continue doing this throughout 2012,” Kogan comments.

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