Kogan’s Site Design: Have Your Say

The serial Australian e-commerce entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan is attempting to impress customers with his site redesign. The latest version of the site appears to be a much more functional ride for those interested in making a Kogan purchase. However, it seems to include a lot of self promotion, rather than sales promotion.

The site offers a newly incorporated live chat option that is said to be available to be used during Australian work hours, however, upon trying to use this feature – I was met with the statement that read: ‘We’re away at the moment, but if you leave a message we’ll get back to you in no time!’ I am assuming this feature is still a work in process.

Another feature is the live feed in the form of pop up boxes. These pop ups announce every time someone has made a purchase from the Kogan site, and shows where they are from and what they purchased. It is like a little pat on the back and positive reinforcement for Kogan every time one appears.

Do you think the Kogan redesign has made for a better site in terms of functionality? Or do you think there is no improvement? Leave your comments below.

5 thoughts on “Kogan’s Site Design: Have Your Say

    • Max
    • 16th May

    I like the live feed feature, but definitely think from user experience point of you the old site was much easier to navigate and would therefore have a higher conversion rate I imagine.

  1. Whether it impresses us or not is irrelevant, what matters is if it sells/converts more than the old design. Only the analytics can tell us that.

    Our personal likes and dislikes are meaningless.

      • Waynetron
      • 25th November

      I think we need to be careful with analytics data as It’s easy to simply confirm our own biases.
      It’s possible to A/B test our way into higher conversion rates without actually understanding the underlying reasons for the increases. Or worse, confirming incorrect assumptions.

      Then we end up with a website that converts, but people hate. Look at the numbers, we’re geniuses! But why is our traffic dropping?

    • Tony
    • 16th May

    How can personal likes and dislikes be meaningless? No different to me going to a physical shop, if I don’t like the experience or can’t find what I’m looking for I won’t buy from them. Same goes for online. So I guess that might affect conversions? Can’t say I ever looked at the old Kogan site so I don’t know what I’m comparing to.

  2. I agree with both the above, analytics will tell us the true story though I suspect Ruslin would have done quite a bit of A/B testing or MVT to get to this new site design.
    Personally I strongly dislike the blasé attack on JB on the front while having colourful JB styled buttons. But hey i suspect if it hurt sales it would vanish, so possibly i’m a minority.


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