Myer Launches eBay Store

Myer has become the latest major Australian retailer to partner with eBay Australia, with eBay officially announcing the partnership today. The move will see Myer increase its reach beyond its own stores and website to eBay’s eight million-plus monthly users.

Over the past 12 months, Myer has focused on developing its digital presence. The New Myer strategy and the company’s subsequent annual report both highlighted the importance of developing a strong omnichannel offering.

A partnership with eBay will help Myer develop its digital offering and potentially enable it to target overseas consumers. eBay also has a massive user base that includes a significant proportion of shoppers that may not be using the Myer online store.

“With seven out of 10 online shoppers already using eBay, our Myer store will give customers a new way to shop with us and enables us to further enhance their online experience,” said Mark Cripsey, Myer Chief Digital and Data Officer.

Myer’s eBay store goes live today after a five-week trial and will feature more than 10,000 products across a range of categories including clothing, beauty products, toys, homewares and electrical.



“Our online store is already one of the most popular shopping sites in Australia, said Cripsey, “and our partnership with eBay is another opportunity for customers to connect with us in a way that suits them.”

An eBay store represents a low-cost, low-risk way for a retailer of Myer’s scale to reach new customers.

“We feel there’s a certain type of customer who is familiar with eBay and it’s most effective for us to take our offer where the customer is, rather than convert a customer to a site they’re not familiar with,” Cripsey told Fairfax.

“This is a low risk and relatively low cost investment for us. Even with [eBay] clipping the ticket we think it will be profitable.”

The Myer shopfront is a boon for eBay as well.

“Myer is an Australian icon and we are thrilled to welcome them on to eBay as they innovate and grow their online offering,” Tim Mackinnon, eBay Senior Director Retail Growth. “Australian retailers are embracing change and looking for new ways to engage customers, both offline and online.”

According to Power Retail research, 61 of Australia’s top 100 online and multichannel retailers now have eBay shopfronts.

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