Most Loveable Brands in Australia Revealed

They say love makes the world go round. And Australians haven’t been shy in proclaiming their love on social media for the world to see, love for their favourite brands that is, according to NetBase’s new “Brand Love List.”

The NetBase Top 50 Brand Love List Australia 2016 released last week, takes a close look at brands across sectors that Australians express the most love for on social media.

Looking at the overall top 50 list, the top ten brands all live within technology, social media and SMS, e-Commerce and entertainment industries.

NetBase is a US based technology platform that allows companies to monitor how consumers are interacting with them online, including on social media and via review sites like Yelp and Zomato. The report compiled a list of 50 most loved brands in Australia, based on positive mentions over the past 12 months, to September 2016.

netbase-australian-all-stars-love-list-top-50While the big gun US brands like Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Apple made the top cut, local retailers like Qantas, Vegemite and Officeworks also featured on the love list.

Woolworths took the top spot as the most loved home-grown retail brand in Australia, amongst Westfield, Myer, Bunnings and JB Hi-Fi in the top five most loved Aussie brands.

Telstra came eleventh on the overall top 50 list, with Qantas (15), Optus (19), Woolworths (24) and Virgin Australia (29) also dispersed throughout.

“It has been fascinating compiling the Australian Love List – we found quite a few differences between Aussies and their counterparts overseas,” said NetBase chief marketing officer, Paige Leidig.

“Social media has really won the hearts of Australians with five social media brands featuring in the overall top 10 Love List. Whereas in the UK, luxury brands such as Chanel and Christian Dior feature more heavily.”

The automotive (16%), retail (16%) and technology (14%) industries featured most within the overall Australian list, however that number is not reflected in the volume of mentions, with social media and SMS (a combined 71%) taking up a significant piece of the pie before e-Commerce (8%) and technology (6%).

Today, social passion offers new insights into a brands health and allows measurement of campaigns against lasting emotional assets, with return on investments now tied to return on consumer love.

According to NetBase, understanding consumer preferences is one-part art, and one-part science. It’s about more than measuring the volume of social content or sentiment. It’s also about the intensity of passion and feeling. And that’s information that can drive intelligent brand decision making.

The report is based on expressions of love and consumers online posts, which are filtered via a list of positive words and phrases, some of which included “awesome”, “obsessed with”, “cool”, “excited”, perfect” and “can’t live without.”

Social media is constantly buzzing with new terms for expressing love, passion and gusto for consumers’ favourite brands and products, so I’m sure this already extensive filter list will probably double next year.

The Top 5 global retail brands loved by Australians were revealed as:

  1. Target (21)
  2. Lego (23)
  3. Woolworths (24)
  4. Nike (25)
  5. Chanel (40)

The Top 10 overall global brands within the Love List and their ranking:

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Amazon
  4. Twitter
  5. Apple
  6. Snapchat
  7. Pokémon
  8. Pinterest
  9. Etsy
  10. Playstation / Sony


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