NORA Expands into Sector-Specific Chapters

The National Online Retailers Association (NORA) — Australia’s leading industry body for new retail — has announced the formation of special chapters to focus on different areas of the new retail industry.

The chapters will focus on such areas as supply chain and logistics, marketplaces, security, digital marketing, customer service and payments to provide more targeted advocacy, ambassadorship and thought leadership across more specialised retail areas.

NORA CEO Paul Greenberg says that the chapters will be able to campaign for specific causes, while remaining under the NORA umbrella. The chapter approach recognises and supports the diversity of the retail ecosystem.

NORA founder Greenberg
NORA CEO Paul Greenberg.

“It’s a very exciting time for Australian new retail, with plenty of growth opportunities but the pace of change has created a need for a more dedicated focus on certain sectors of the industry. By setting up NORA Chapters, groups of passionate professionals can play a much more effective role in raising issues specific to a sector,” Greenberg said.

“The concept of introducing chapters has been part of the conversation from the inception of NORA. NORA is built on the three pillars of new retail — technology-led, customer-centric, and borderless retail. The chapters will be able to give more attention to some of the pressing causes facing the industry,” Greenberg said.

The Supply Chain and Logistics Chapter is the first to have been appointed, with Luke Condon, Head of Consumer Delivery at Toll Holdings, acting as the inaugural chapter head. Other members include:

  • Geoff Rowan, Director SEKO Omni-Channel Logistics
  • Jo Cope, Director Operations, ParcelPoint
  • Anna Forster, GM Supply Chain, AussieCommerce Group
  • Matt Vercoe, Executive Manager, Paperless Warehousing
  • Sagi Simchon, MD ADSone

“The retail industry has seen explosive growth in multiple directions over past five years. These new channels provide their own individual challenges and, along with changes in human consumption, reinforce the reliance on connected supply chain solutions,” said Condon.

“I am excited to provoke a new wave of conversation focusing on consumer experience, new technology and innovative thinking to support new retail growth. Over the course of the coming months, the NORA Supply Chain and Logistics Chapter will look to engage with thought leaders in the space in order to keep our members and the industry informed as well as provide a sounding board on how to address new market opportunities as they arise.”

Chapter members are volunteers and not statutory directors of NORA. Chapter members will be regularly rotated to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate.



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