Opportunity for Australian Online Retailers in NZ

International e-commerce platform provider ChannelAdvisor have today announced a new deal with the online marketplace Trade Me. The deal represents the beginning of tighter integrations between ChannelAdvisor’s offerings and the Trade Me platform, allowing online retailers an easier route into the Kiwi market.

Mark Gray, Managing Director of ChannelAdvisor Asia Pacific, said in a press release that the integration will reduce the cost and time requirement needed for online retailers to manage products across multiple virtual marketplaces.

“One of the key challenges for online retailers is tapping into the broad range of e-commerce channels available,” Gray said. “When consumers want to buy a product online, most don’t go to a single site – they compare different retailers to find the best price. From a consumer’s point of view this is fantastic, but for online retailers the need to maintain a broad presence can be a logistical and financial challenge.”

Trade Me welcomes 660,000 New Zealanders to its website on a daily basis, so an easy ‘foot in the door’ for Australian retailers could mean a quick win when it comes to expanding a brand’s reach.

Jon MacDonald, CEO of Trade Me, believes the deal with ChannelAdvisor is not only good news for Australian online retailers, but also for Trade Me members.

“We know Kiwis love to buy online, including from overseas retailers, and working with ChannelAdvisor we’ll aim to provide New Zealanders with local access to an increased range of products from global brands on Trade Me,” said MacDonald. “It’s a great way for retailers to get in front of New Zealanders without setting up a bricks and mortar store.”

ChannelAdvisor already offers integration platforms for a number of international marketplaces, including eBay and Amazon, and  aims to offer the same level of real-time updates, analysis and control with its new Trade Me offering.

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2 thoughts on “Opportunity for Australian Online Retailers in NZ

  1. Sounds like a great opportunity for Australian retailers but unfortunately the reality is that shipping rates via Australia Post for parcels >.5kg to New Zealand are still far too high when compared to the USA, UK and Asia. It will make it hard for a lot of Australian retailers to compete with the other international markets.

    • Ali
    • 19th April

    and unfortunately for Kiwis (and Aussies businesss trying to ship to them), the GST rules aren’t as generous as ours (presumably the Kiwi Harvey Norman is happier 🙂



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