Survey Shows Online Shopping in Australia is Going Strong

The convenience of online is becoming more appealing to the Aussie consumer. In the recent Rackspace survey conducted by Roy Morgan Research, it was found that 90 percent of Australians that have the Internet are using it to buy online. But we are a selfish bunch and most will only be making purchases for themselves, rather than using online for present buying.

“Our survey indicates that online shopping in Australia is going strong and most Australians have and will continue to purchase online in 2012,” says Mark Randall, Country Manager of Rackspace Australia and New Zealand. “Online shopper’s loyalty is largely driven by convenience, variety and pricing. But, get one thing wrong and you could quickly lose them to your competitors.”

The reason behind this high percentage of online users is due to convenience, variety and price. Out of those surveyed, 83.2 percent shopped online due to convenience. Second was the 71.1 percent who shopped for price, 60.8 percent for price comparison and 47.4 percent shopped for the variety of products and services available online.

What do Australian consumers find frustrating about shopping online? Nearly half of those polled (44 percent) said that they would move on if a page would take more than 15 seconds to load. F a page took more than 30 seconds, 70 percent said that they would move on and if it was more than a minute, over 90 percent said that they would give up.

Randall says that finding the right hosting solution could be the answer for retailers. “Some of the key sales drivers can be directly attributed back to the technology platforms that power the online store. Online shoppers are impatient. Carefully selecting a reliable and fast hosting solution, ideally with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) capability, could mean that an online retailer greatly increases their chances of a successful sale.”

Mobile purchases are not yet a commonly used alternative for online spending. Australians are half as likely as consumers in the UK to use a smartphone or app for an online purchase.

“Australians don’t seem to have taken to shopping on their smartphones or using m-commerce apps quite yet, with the vast majority using their PC or laptop for online purchases,” says Randall. “More than 85 percent of respondents make their online purchases on their home computers.”


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