Ozsale Acquires Identity Direct

Ozsale’s acquisition of Identity Direct includes a small, skilled workforce, stock and customer lists as well as a leasehold production centre in Auckland, New Zealand, where products are personalised to the customer’s requirements and shipped globally.

Founded in 1992 Identity Direct has a rich heritage in providing consumers with personalised gifts and products, including; apparel, sporting goods, labels and books and has partnered with world famous brands including; Disney, Marvel, Nickelodeon and Mattel.

The acquisition brings a number of strategic benefits to Ozsale, according to CEO of MySale Group, who says the deal is expected to enhance the company in three major ways:

  • Establish the group in a growing segment with barriers to entry and unique product;
  • Provide a strong fit with the group’s existing customer base and leverage sunk marketing costs; and
  • Improve customer data collection.

In terms of synergies, the Group will reduce operating costs by combining shared services, improving shipping rates and reducing payment processing costs. Jackson says the Identity Direct operations will benefit significantly from the support available from the Group’s resources and infrastructure, which should, in turn deliver an improved offer and service to customers whilst enhancing efficiency.

‘’We believe that the Ozsale strength and expertise as an online retailer of scale will bring many benefits to Identity Direct which in turn will unlock significant opportunities and efficiencies hitherto unavailable to that business,’’ explains Jackson.

The Group anticipates there are substantial opportunities from the acquisition to drive revenue, including:

  • Cross marketing to the Australia and New Zealand active customer base and targeting our South-East Asian markets, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines;
  • Seeking to reactivate customers in our existing database who respond well to the Identity Direct range of products;
  • Increasing the range of products upon which Identity Direct is able to offer personalisation; and
  • Development of new licences with existing and new brand partners.

‘’We are delighted to welcome Identity Direct to the MySale group. This acquisition will allow us to build an additional revenue stream that is very complementary to our existing core activities,” says Jackson.

While both companies will operate as separate entities, Identity Direct will leverage off key strengths of Ozsale’s business model, including being a new vertical category of Ozsale’s e-commerce platform, according to Jackson.

“Fundamentally we’ll be leveraging three things. We have a very large customer base of 20 plus million subscribers. We have a very capable technology platform, that is nimble and flexible to bulk things up and build vertices deep down into that technology stack, and thirdly, we’ve got warehouse and distribution capability.”

Identity Direct owners, Linda and Tom Greene made the decision to sell the business assets to Ozsale just after Christmas last year, with the process starting mid-January and concluding in mid-March. “We had a large and eclectic range of potential buyers,” says Identity Direct’s CEO Don Hunton. “It’s testament really to the whole personalisation space, which is getting more and more exciting. A lot of retailers want to get into the space, and ultimately the fit worked really well with OzSale.”

Identity Direct’s founder Linda Green says that while the Australian and New Zealand arm has been sold to Ozsale, they are still in negotiations in the US, Canada and the UK to sell in those countries. “We are very excited with the acquisition of Identity Direct (Australia and New Zealand) by Ozsale. The  US, Canada and UK business is currently under negotiation with a number of buyers.”

 “It’s 25 years since Tom and I founded Identity Direct and we are thrilled that the Identity Direct brand, product range, partnerships and above all the people are moving across to the MySale Group. The scale of Ozsale’s customer databases and strong commitment to product depth is undoubtedly going to grow the Identity Direct business substantially over the coming years,” adds Greene.

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  1. Thanks for talking about Ozsale Acquires Identity Direct, Power Retail – Liked it!

    • Darlene Naden
    • 12th August

    Not sure if this is the right channel to go through but cant seem to get anyone eles to reply my emails still waiting on a order only one transaction from my account for some reason wondering whats going on ? Please help me find out

    1. Hi Darlene, thanks for your enquiry. Power Retail is a news publication and we do not have anything to do with OzSale directly, so you would need to get in touch with the company direct.


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