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Why Mass Customisation is the Future of Retail

The very title of this article was declared in an MIT paper in the late 60s, yet it has taken a long time for retail to begin to explore mass customisation and the power it gives consumers, which has ultimately bred a new beast of retailers. The key to this lies in e-commerce.


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Alibaba Group Taking Big Steps Offline

China’s largest online retailer Alibaba Group, is looking to deepen its integration with bricks and mortar stores as it leads the bid to buy out department store chain Intime Retail Group for as much as $US2.6 billion.


How Will MYSALE Strategise for 2017?

With the new year looming upon on, Carl Jackson speaks candidly about his strategy for MYSALE and insights for the e-commerce industry come 2017. Jackson says Amazon will raise the bar in terms of the delivery and the returns customer proposition.