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catch group Nati Harpaz acquires pumpkin patch

Catch Group Revives Pumpkin Patch

Collapsed retailer Pumpkin Patch has been given a new lease of life, with Catch Group today announcing it has acquired the company’s brand and intellectual property assets, and will be launching a new online store for the kidswear label in July this year.

adam schwab lux group luxury escapes all star bash

Adam Schwab on Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Adam Schwab is the co-founder and CEO of Lux Group and the owner of online travel business Luxury Escapes. The company has seen sizeable growth in the travel retail sector over the past three years, which Schwab attributes to its outstanding customer service. Watch VIDEO.

Shoptalk Conference 2017, Las Vegas

No AI Strategy? You’re Dead

That’s the prevailing theme at Shoptalk, a conference happening this week in Las Vegas, featuring a plethora of big name retail brands and technology players. Power Retail has the news on what the world’s major game changers are focusing on next.

topshop australia lainches online store e-commerce platform

TOPSHOP Australia Launches E-Commerce Platform

Topshop Australia has finally launched its dedicated online store, offering a range of consumer-centric online only services, including localised editorial-style content, complimentary express delivery and a Personal Shopping booking engine.