LivingSocial Jumps on the Fast Food Bandwagon with Pizza Hut

In March this year, daily deals site Scoopon partnered with Hungry Jacks to offer a stunning price on the popular Whopper burger. The resulting flurry of activity shut the Scoopon site down temporarily and over 400,000 vouchers for the deal were sold.

Now, LivingSocial has partnered with Pizza Hut, the largest pizza chain in the world, in an attempt to recreate the feeding frenzy for their own customers. At just $2, the full-size, nine-inch ‘Pizza Mia’ is available in seven flavour combinations, offering customers both price and choice.

The deal began at midnight on the 13th of May, and LivingSocial will run the offer until sold out.

Adam Rigby, General Manager of LivingSocial Australia and New Zealand said, “We are thrilled Pizza Hut has chosen to exclusively partner with LivingSocial for this phenomenal deal, which is sure to delight pizza lovers Australia-wide.”

“An increasing number of globally recognised brands such as Pizza Hut are vying to be part of the booming daily deals market and LivingSocial is the perfect platform to reach consumers on mass,” continued Adam.

Pizza Hut has more than 12,500 restaurants and delivery units operating worldwide. As one of the first national pizza chains in Australia, the fast food chain has fluctuated in popularity since it began here. In a highly competitive food category, Pizza Hut has had to innovate in order to keep its Australian doors open.

Pizza Hut currently has 270 store locations across Australia.

Anup Jain, Pizza Hut Australia’s Head of Food Innovation and Marketing said, “LivingSocial is a great vehicle to attract new customers to experience value with Pizza Hut’s range called Pizza Mia. Having witnessed the growth in group buying sites and knowing that our mutual consumer is looking keenly at value, we know LivingSocial is a fantastic match for our brand.”

The $2 LivingSocial Pizza Hut voucher is redeemable when ordering online at for orders picked up in-store.

The deal, while being a carbon-copy of the Scoopon-Hungry Jacks offer in March, will surely be popular for those customers that are primarily concerned with price and less concerned about nutrition.

On the other hand, daily deals sites like LivingSocial and Scoopon have often been criticised for their novel business model, with many concerned that group buying may yet prove to be inviable. For LivingSocial, getting fast food deals on the table might be the right move to keep customers interested.

What do you think? Could fast food and daily deals partnerships be a reliable meal ticket for the flagging group buying model?

One thought on “LivingSocial Jumps on the Fast Food Bandwagon with Pizza Hut

    • mike
    • 14th May

    You say re Hungry Jacks that ‘over 400,000 vouchers for the deal were sold’.

    They were free to download. That is a very different situation than paying for something, even if its only $2.

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