Shooii goes live

shooii online shoe store

Shooii, Australia’s newest pureplay online shoe store has recently gone live, offering free shipping and free 365 day returns, a la Zappos.

It’s been a while in the making, but the latest addition to the online shoe retail market is live. Shooii very quietly went live four weeks ago for debugging and is now proudly operational.

It’s packed with some pretty radical features – you need to try out the site search right now!  The biggest site search font size I’ve ever seen distracted me from the real gold beneath, where instant visual search results are displayed as you type. The grid view on the category page is replaceable by a closer view that allows you to scroll sideways to the end of the aisle – have yet to try it on a tablet but looks tailor made for the iPad.

Explore the new Shooii yourself and tell us what you think – more to come.



Shooii site search

The mother of all site search functions – full screen, instant results

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