ShopRunner Speeds Up the Fulfillment Race

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Shipping and online marketplace service ShopRunner is taking the pain out of fulfillment by rolling out a digital wallet and monthly subscription option.

Shipping and online marketplace service ShopRunner is rolling out its latest feature – a digital wallet designed to make online purchases even more convenient. In an interview with Internet Retailer, President of ShopRunner Mike Golden said that the e-wallet would allow customers to save payment and shipping information so they don’t have to re-enter the data every time they make a purchase. “A member shouldn’t have to go through multiple steps to complete a checkout process,” said Golden. ShopRunner plans to roll out the tool in the second half of July.

Aside from offering free two-day shipping to customers who pay the $79 annual fee, ShopRunner operates, allowing users to click on offers from merchants such as Toys ‘R’ Us, Lord & Taylor and

ShopRunner has also hinted at plans to offer a premium service for a higher annual fee that would deliver orders within one day or the same day. “Our ultimate goal is free, same-day delivery,” Golden said.

These developments see ShopRunner move one step closer to challenging Amazon Prime – the much applauded free shipping program that is credited with accelerating customer loyalty levels for the pureplay giant.

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