Sneaking Duck Launches ‘Try At Home Before You Buy’ Service

While ailing offline retailers are beginning to charge customers ‘try on’ fees, online retail newbie Sneaking Duck has launched a free ‘try at home before you buy’ service.

The service, which is at this stage only available for Central Sydney customers, enables Sneaking Duck customers to get their five favorite frames delivered to their home (or office) to try-on with outfits, or to get the opinion of significant others for free, prior to purchasing.

“Our vision is to make online retail THE best way to shop – we truly want to wow each and every visitor and customer,” says Sneaking Duck CEO and Co-Founder Mark Capps.

“In our research we’ve found that people like to narrow down their selection to a few options, and then flip between those last pairs [of frames], perhaps with a friend giving opinions,” he comments. “In a bricks and mortar environment you can easily pick the frames up – our new service replicates this, but makes it even better. With Sneaking Duck try at home you can do all this from your home or desk, and it’s much easier to get your friends help than it would be in a store.”

Although Sneaking Duck already offers a virtual try-on service online, in keeping with its ongoing aims to make the e-commerce journey engaging and improve on the bricks and mortar experience, Capps describes this new service as the company’s ‘next step’ to achieving these goals.

A Sustainable Delivery Option

Sneaking Duck has opted to use cyclists for its new service, an option that allows the retailer to cost-effectively minimise the turnaround time between when a customer places an order to having the frames delivered.

“We want our customers to have a great experience – using cyclists allows us to do this,” Capps advises. “For nearby locations, cyclist delivery times are around three hours, compared with overnight for any sort of postage option. We already use cyclists for our nearby product deliveries, so we’ve learned that it’s fast, effective and that customers love it.”

“We also love that it’s environmentally friendly,” adds Capps. “I’m a regular cyclist – both as a commuter and off-road – and we’re all keen to find ways to make our company sustainable. It’s really wonderful when the best business option is also the best option for the environment.”

Where Are They Waddling To in 2012?

“We’re working on a few more things here at Sneaking Duck HQ,” advises Capps. “Over the next while we’ll be adding some exciting new mini-collections of frames to our range. We’re also developing other ideas to make our retail experience even better.”

“What excites me most about the future of e-commerce is how it is maturing from being an industry with significant focus on price comparison and race-to-the-bottom offerings to being an industry where more focus is on innovation, excitement and going above and beyond what is possible offline. 2012 is going to be an exciting year!”

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