Vinomofo Takes Warehousing Operations In-House

Vinomofo has been making some big moves lately: a $25 million capital raise, expansion into foreign markets, taking on Saatchi & Saatchi Melbourne as the brand’s creative agency, and now a move to bring its warehousing and some of its logistics operations in-house.

Getting hands-on with its warehousing will allow Vinomofo to take more control over the complete “mofo experience” and expand the company’s multichannel capabilities.

Vinomofo co-founders Justin Dry (left) and Andre Eikmeier (right).
Vinomofo co-founders Justin Dry (left) and Andre Eikmeier (right).

“We pride ourselves on trying to deliver an epic mofo experience,” Vinomofo Co-Founder and Joint CEO Andre Eikmeier told Power Retail. “It’s too easy for an e-commerce company to think that job is done when someone clicks the buy button. That’s so not the case. What people actually receive is a box of wine on their doorstep. We’ve been held back in a lot of ways from being able to bring some mofo magic to that part of the experience, and having our own warehouse, with our culture, allows us to do that.

“When we take on something in-house, we generally execute better. We can start to offer faster and more bespoke delivery options from Melbourne, click-and-collect, warehouse sales — we’ve got a lot of cool ideas.”

And one of those cool ideas, hints Eikmeier, may be opening Vinomofo physical stores.

The move is about “bridging that gap between bricks-and-mortar and online, before we’re ready to launch physical stores, if that’s the way we ever go,” said Eikmeier.

But for the moment, the strategy is about enhancing the mofo customer experience and providing a greater range of options.

“Click-and-collect will allow us to drive more instant-gratification purchases, in Melbourne at least (for example, the ability to grab some wine for that night), and we’ve held warehouse sales before — they’re a chance to meet our mofos, and for them to taste the wines and stock up on what they love.”

The move will see Vinomofo starting with a warehouse in Port Melbourne. If all goes to plan, then the company will look to set up a warehouse in Sydney, with Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth operations also potentially on the cards.

While in-housing its logistics operations was in the pipeline before the capital raise, part of the new funding will be used to support the move. The company is also currently looking for a logistics lead to help build out the new team and bring the mofo culture to the new logistics operations. And for Eikmeier and the Vinomofo team, this is key.

“It means we can bring the Vinomofo culture into fulfilment because we’ll have a fulfilment team who want to deliver an epic user experience. They’ll find ways to delight, whatever that means. They’ll take the care to get things done well because they want that for our mofos, not because an SLA asks for it,” said Eikmeier.

But it’s not just about customer experience. In-housing logistics operations will provide the company with a range of benefits including better stock visibility, faster picking and dispatch, better checks on receiving and better picking accuracy.

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