ShopNBC’s Carol Steinberg to Headline at Online Retailer Conference 2012

Carol Steinberg, EVP of Internet, Marketing and HR at ShopNBC will be headlining at the upcoming Online Retailer Conference and E-commerce Expo in July.

As a veteran internet and TV shopping executive, Steinberg has broad-based expertise in online marketing, CRM, strategic planning, and business development in multiple industries. She can also boast of having a 25-year proven track record of increasing revenue for multichannel electronic retailers.

For those who attend the conference, Carol will be sharing the strategies behind ShopNBC’s multichannel success with her keynote presentation, Extra-Sensory Retailing: How ShopNBC Transforms Customer Behaviour.

Carol Steinberg will be headlining the Online Retailer Conference in July.
Carol Steinberg will be headlining the Online Retailer Conference in July.

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience and how you came to be EVP of Internet, Marketing and HR at ShopNBC?

I started in the home shopping model in 1994 when I took a job in IT with QVC.  In 1999, I moved over to the company’s newly emerging .com team.  After enjoying a 12 year career with QVC, I was recruited to David’s Bridal, in 2006, to run its internet business.  When I got to David’s Bridal, its web site was focused on showing bridal gowns and driving traffic to its stores.  While there, I commerce enabled the web site to add selling product and services to the mix. ShopNBC, the third highest revenue generating company in the home shopping space, was in the midst of a turn-around and had hired several former employees from QVC to help turn the business around.  The company called, asking me to join the team and head up its ecomm business.  I started with shop in June of 2009 and added the responsibilities for marketing, and then HR along the way.  The secret is leadership and building great teams.  If you can articulate a vision and work with your teams to ensure they are working toward the company goals, you will be well positioned for success.

What‘s a change that you’ve made that has most helped your business in the past 12 months?

Looking at the internet in a more holistic fashion – looking at customer engagement and making sure we are focusing on the channels that are most used and cherished by our customers.  That happens to mean a lot of time and effort in the mobile space – to include smart phones and tablet computing.

What’s the biggest challenge that you’ve had to face and how did you overcome it?

Satisfying the customer while driving the business in an optimal fashion, and staying current with all the technology options and offerings.  You can’t do everything – you need to focus on the top initiatives that will drive your business.  It’s tough to prioritise because you’re always leaving off projects.  But, the flip side are the initiatives you focus on will be delivered with excellence.  I’d rather have a few excellent deployments than many less than stellar deployments!

What advice do you have for Australian retailers who want to improve their multichannel offerings?

Be simple and consistent and give the customer what he or she wants – not what is necessarily easy to implement or fits in with your tech strategy.

What’s next for ShopNBC?

Lots of focus on the customer experience.  Keeping our interfaces simple and consistent across the board.  Understanding our customer’s behavior so we can provide them what they want.

What inspired you to speak at Online Retailer 2012?

Of course, the opportunity to visit Australia – a dream of mine since I was a little girl and was given a stuffed Koala that played Waltzing Matilda!  And, the opportunity to speak to an audience that is passionate about improving their online commerce offerings.  I have presented at many internet conferences in the US over the past 12+ years…this is certainly an interesting variation!

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