Cross-Channel Integration: Moving Towards Seamless Customer Dialogue

The Special Report on Cross-Channel Integration Best Practices explores the current cross-channel retail landscape and examines issues associated with satisfying the cross-channel shopper

In the last few years, the evolution of technology has sparked seismic shifts in the retail industry. Retailers who could once contend with a bricks and mortar presence had to begin thinking about a multichannel strategy and implement the logical steps to put this in place – establish an e-commerce shopfront, align the inventory, manage merchandising, shipping and fulfillment within separate channels. However, many retailers did not anticipate that shoppers were already one step ahead, adopting technology in a way that would change the paradigm for traditional retail.

This new era of retailing is sometimes referred to as the ‘pull environment,’ where shoppers are dictating how retailers should market and sell their products as opposed to the previous ‘push’ model where retailers manufactured or bought the product, stocked it on their shelves and invented marketing and merchandising strategies to sell it.

Cross-channel integration is driven by consumer connectivity,” says Matt Hampshire, CEO of Loyaltytech. “There’s a real need for retailers to deal with a customer consistently regardless of the channel.”

Technology is a major factor in cross-channel integration best practice. Mobile and social media applications, self-checkout and self-service kiosks help converge retail channels, contributing to the seamless customer dialogue that underpins successful cross-channel retail.

Mark Gray, CEO of ChannelAdvisor Australia believes that successful cross-channel integration is about “making it easy for customers to find and purchase products no matter where they are searching.”

“Whether you’re pureplay or multichannel, it just makes it so much easier from a management perspective once the channels are integrated,” he says.

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