Online Entertainment Store WOWs, but Will It Impress?

In an attempt at reviving the established Queensland brand, new owners of entertainment ‘superstore’ WOW Sight & Sound are planning the launch of a webstore on June 1.

G&M Direct 2 U, the company that purchased WOW Sight & Sound’s online business when the retail chain was forced into administration in March, said they had no plans to attempt to revive the brand’s physical retail business.

“When we purchases WOW’s name and the online e-commerce platform in April, we immediately began plans to update the website to make WOW Sight & Sound into the success that the ‘brick and mortar’ stores could no longer achieve,” the company said.

The new owners believe that the online channel makes a lot of sense for the WOW business, allowing them to regrow the sales that the company once achieved, without the risk and overheads associated with bricks-and-mortar stores.

“It’s a more sensible, cost effective way for businesses to operate and deliver great value to customers who increasingly want to save time and money by ordering online.”

Interestingly, the new website is planned to have an initial focus on the gaming market, according to spokesperson Rachel Quilty.

“The company recognised there could be some issues with the existing brand after entering receivership, however they recognised the opportunity to reposition the brand and utilise the sophisticated e-commerce platform,” Quilty told

Repositioning the brand and launching a pureplay operation makes a certain amount of sense, however by initially focussing on the already over-competed gaming market seems like an odd choice. What will WOW be able to offer its customers in video games that other existing online stores can’t?

International online operations are already notorious for being able to sell games at prices that are simply not profitable for local businesses to match. WOW could choose to try and match these bottom-dollar prices and position their gaming business as a loss-leader, with a view to quickly building a new customer base – however this doesn’t seem like a very safe strategy for a brand that has already suffered the humiliation of obligatory receivership.

That being said, the new WOW online store should be live in a week’s time; perhaps it really will live up to its name.

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