Consumer Psychology White paper


The pace of change in how we purchase goods and services has never been greater. Technology is allowing consumers to research and buy an ever-increasing range of products. However, the fragmentation of retailing and media across multiple channels and platforms makes it increasingly difficult for marketers to reach consumers with their message.

In the Consumer Psychology White Paper, we discuss could contextual personalisation – where real-time data is combined with an in-depth analysis of customer behaviour – have the power to bridge the gap between marketers’ needs and consumers’ desires?

Today, marketers face the challenge that customers are always connected, rarely engaged and easily distracted. How can psychology, combined with technology, improve your chances of conversion?
To answer this question we need to first look more closely at how consumers really make decisions; how our mental processing hasn’t evolved to keep pace with technological change and why it’s the customer’s unconscious mind that matters most. Considered from this perspective, you will see that contextual personalisation has the power to significantly transform marketing communications.

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