ASOS Australia to Focus on Homegrown Retailers

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ASOS Australia will focus strongly on local retailers, with brands such as Wheels & Dollbaby and Camilla & Marc playing a key role in its product offering.

Local fashion labels can stop lamenting the arrival of ASOS on Australian shores next month as the online fashion giant announces plans to partner with homegrown brands as part of its model. Major Australian labels such as Camilla and Marc, Wheels & Dollbaby and Insight will feature among the 50,000 branded product lines to be offered by ASOS Australia. The online retailer will focus on women’s clothing, menswear, footwear, jewellery, beauty and accessories. ASOS has also recruited Evil Twin, My Pet Square, Beau Coops, Bloch and Three Over One.

All elements of ASOS Australia will be tailored to the local market, with pricing in Australian dollars as well as free shipping and returns. ASOS has 5.8 million registered users worldwide and sold over $500 million in apparel last year. ASOS’ product offer has had powerful resonance with local customers, with Australia representing the e-tailer’s second largest market.

It is expected that ASOS will continue to promote its own brand as well as partner labels such as American Apparel.

“They’re strongly supportive of Australian designers and they’re interested in promoting emerging talent,” said Council of Textiles and Fabric Industries Australia President Michel Abeysekera in an interview with News Limited.

“What happens in Australia is that buyers regularly go overseas, buy samples, stop in China and knock them off and then have them delivered. It won’t work any more because the market is now a global market.”

Jon Kamaluddin, International Director for ASOS will be presenting the keynote, ‘How ASOS is Winning Tomorrow’s Online Customers Today!’ at the Online Retailer Conference and E-Commerce Expo on Wednesday, 28 September 2011. This is a great opportunity for local retailers to gain insight from a global leader in online retail.

To see the full conference agenda and register to attend, visit the Online Retailer Conference and E-Commerce Expo website.

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    • may
    • 25th August

    what happened in the uk: asos got the local labels onboard and then squeezed their margins to death. they have too much power now. I encourage AU brands to speak to UK suppliers before they make a decision. we have left asos after a diabolic year and making more money without them, then with them. also ask asos how much of their turnover is private label in the UK. get people on the site with the help of the labels but then sell their own label. …. beware.


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