brandsExclusive Updates iPhone App

In response to a massive surge in consumers accessing brandsExclusive via mobile, the member-only pureplay shopping club, has launched an updated version of its successful iPhone app.  Coincidentally, it comes about a week after its direct competitor, Ozsale, released its very first iPhone app.

According to Daniel Jarosch, Founding Director of brandsExclusive, the site has experienced a 500% increase in mobile visits.  As a result the updated app, designed for the iOS5 operating system, has an emphasis on speed and usability, featuring faster browsing, improved graphics and detailed product descriptions.

“Online shopping has revolutionised the way Australians shop for fashion,” said Jarosch, “and it’s important that our members are able to access brandsExclusive anytime and anywhere, including when they’re on the move.

“We have new fashion sales starting each morning, so our members aren’t necessarily waiting to get to a computer – they’re shopping on their mobiles as soon as they’re awake or on their way to work.”

In addition, the app now provides payment support for PayPal transactions and gives brandsExclusive customers the option to view their order history and track their order status.

Having used the old brandsExclusive app a number of times, I was familiar with frustration caused by slow loading images and information, and a fairly time-consuming browsing process – with only two product items per page, it took a long time to view each category on offer.  However, a skim through the updated version seems to addressed these issues.

Rather than flicking side to side through product images, more images are now visible per page and are viewed scrolling up or down the page.  Prices and savings are clearly visible, as are tags identifying stocks that are low or sold out.

Furthermore, in contrast to the original application, the updated app appears slick and chic, which seems far better suited to its fashion forward demographic.

The image gallery below shows screen grabs from brandsExclusive’s updated app sitting above screen grabs from the original application.

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