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Case Profile: Kogan – Part 2

Power Retail - Kogan

Ruslan Kogan chats to Power Retail about his focused approach to marketing and divulges the strategies which have yielded proven return on investment.

In the second part of our case profile, Australian online entrepreneur, Ruslan Kogan, the Founder and CEO of Kogan and Milan Direct, chats to Power Retail about his unique business model that acts as both manufacturer and retailer and how he has overcome the challenges that come with being a pioneer in this space. He also discusses his very focused approach to marketing, revealing the strategies that have yielded him proven return on investment, along with how he keeps the Kogan brand engaged with its audience.

View the first video in our case profile on Kogan.

Nirosha Methananda

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Nirosha is a content creator for The Media Pad, publisher of Power Retail. Coming from a marketing and communications background (in the legal, retail and online industries), Nirosha is excited to be able to put her knowledge and experience to work for Power Retail. Recently engaged, Nirosha is immersing herself in the joys of wedding planning! She is also an avid reader (of mostly fiction), always keen to get onto the golf course, likes to paint, tries to sing and is able to recall useless celebrity facts at the drop of a hat!

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