DealsDirect Adds to Its Collection and Acquires ToyBarn today announced the purchase of for an undisclosed sum. This acquisition by the online department store is the latest in a long list, which include,,, and

Company Co-Founder and Power Retail Contributor, Paul Greenberg reaffirmed that DealsDirect are keen to position themselves at the epicentre of e-commerce roll ups.

“Having just returned from the Internet Retail Conference in San Diego, it seems clear from current data there is a focus on scale. The bigger retailers online are growing dramatically, whilst the smaller retailers are not enjoying such high average growth,” he said.

“We are thrilled that smaller retailers like ToyBarn are happy to throw their hat in the ring with us. And with our investment earlier in the year from Ellerston Capital, we have the capital and resource to push hard in this area.”

Meanwhile the founders of ToyBarn have decided to refocus their efforts on IT consulting and might even do some work with DealsDirect. “One of the big benefits of these acquisitions is the learnings and contribution that we get from these smaller but nimble e-commerce professionals. The big boys can learn from them!” said Greenberg.


One thought on “DealsDirect Adds to Its Collection and Acquires ToyBarn

    • Wayne A. Moore
    • 20th July

    Is shipping included in the price to Florida. I would like a telephone number to place my order by phone to expedite the process


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