The Science Behind Inspired Shopping

Ebay UK is exploring the effect of shopping in a colourful scenario by opening a gallery-inspired shopping experience to give consumers personalised recommendations, combining scientific insight with artistic inspiration.

The global marketplace conducted the study in partnership with mind-tech company MyndPlay, combining scientific insight with artistic inspiration to demonstrate how British consumers can be inspired back into shopping.

Earlier this week eBay opened an inspirational shopping experience for consumers called The Art of Shopping, in Central London, using colour and art “to bring shopping to life”.

Ebay UK and the Art of Colourful Shopping The Art of Shopping

The gallery-inspired space, curated by Saatchi Art, is encouraging the public to browse works of art, while wearing a headset that monitors their responses to the pieces. Ebay says the MyndPlay technology will create a personalised shopping cart for each visitor.

“Ebay is encouraging consumers to reject the boring and beige, and to stop shopping like everybody else. Instead, we want shoppers to be bolder and express their individuality,” eBay UK’s vice president, Rob Hattrell.

“Our research found that there are two types of shoppers in the UK. The shop-y-cats (almost half of all Brits) who follow the crowd, and those who are truly inspired to shop more individually. So we created an event to take shop-y-cats out of their comfort zone, into the inspiration zone, to shop more personally,” says Julia Hutton-Potts, communications director at eBay UK.

Ebay UK and the Art of Colourful Shopping The Art of Shopping

Here are Ebay’s findings so far from the study:

  • ‘Shop-y-cats’, who make up nearly half of the UK population, and are mostly men, admit to often buying items simply to fit in and “keep up with the Joneses”
  • More than four in five ‘Shop-y-cats’ feel the pressure to fit in, and while browsing their mental fatigue increases by 30 per cent every 10 minutes
  • This is in sharp contrast with ‘Inspired Shoppers’ who embrace a more intuitive approach, purchasing unique things they truly want, as an expression of their individuality.
  • Brain monitors showed that 84 percent of ‘Inspired Shoppers’ experience a prolonged mental high, nearly twice that of ‘Shop-y-cats’, a rush comparable to an F1 driver finishing a race.

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